Finally...Lag Less Firefall?(and games)

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    I got a Beta access and downloaded the game , played a little but got anoyed because of too much lag.My PC was old and had crappy Hardware(I know Java BTW). The main reason to buy a new PC was programming , penetration testing and Server tests.SO , I am buying a new PC.Here are the specs (I am too excited , I will build it my own):
    CPU Cooler :
    Graphics Card :
    HDD: My old 2x 250GB

    OS: Windows 7 & Kali Linux(Dual Boot)

    Now , the thing I want to ask is how much does the game depend on the Internet Connection.
    I am living in Greece(I am greek) and I pretty much don't remember/know if I had a lag with internet just because I should have had 3FPS....The area I live is nto the best but also not the worst into connections(Pretty bad , sometimes interruptions while raining/mass logins)
  2. Hamaya Commander

    I'd consider go with a 7870 over the 660. Been hearing that the 7870 runs better on most games. Might want to look into that if you have not already.
  3. Lodestar Eris Commander

    I use a 660Ti and it's perfectly fine. I can run any game at max settings at a minimum of 50fps.
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    Upgrading your computer isn't going to fix your lag problems :rolleyes:
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  5. anubis4567 Founder

    The game requires you to always be connected to the internet when playing it, its a MMO. So your ping is fairly important.
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  6. RogueEntity Commander

    Well the Corsair H100 is an amazing closed system watercooler, but it's kinda over-the-top for that CPU unless you plan on doing some real heavy overclocking. Again, you can never have too much cooling, but I feel you could easily have gone with a smaller one like the H60 if you're going to run it stock.

    I'm running my CPU at 4.5Ghz(from 3.5Ghz), and it never goes above 55C on a H100.
  7. drkRoss Commander

    You will certainly get an overall increase in graphical performance with that GTX 660 and the CPU will a good number of years before you need to upgrade it.

    It might not fix your latency problems (or lag) because that's more or less bound to your internet and you would have to upgrade/switch at some point if you want something that's more reliable.
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    Well , I can say , for the money is good , and also , anyone knowing where are the servers hosted so I perform a pingtest?
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    at 1920x1200 a 7870 is 3 fps behind the gtx 660.I read...
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    As you can see , MOBO is very good , RAM 8GB is good too , I plan on upgrading some stuff over time....
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    in ireland.

    i would also recommened an nvidia card.
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    Ow , have you heard?
    Linus Torvalds(you know , creator of linux) said: nVidia cupcake yourself!, I dont want to take the risk of not supporting Kali linux that I gonna have in my system .Many guys were forced to code their own Drivers , so , I can , and I am able to code , but I wont go in that mess...
  13. drkRoss Commander

    The server should be based in Cork in Ireland. Running a quick speedtest should sort things out for you.
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    Downloading some stuff, when it finishes I will perform some(BTW , today I faced many disconnectings of 1minute and extremely low internet speeds....)
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    Speedtest : (Cork)
    Pretty strange , other times is lower
    Pingtest: (Galway)
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    yea, i know, you know java.

    i still recommened nvidia. i had the opportunity to test a 6950 and a gtx 560ti a while ago and got better results with the 560ti, even though the 6950 was more expensive and should be faster on paper. especially when it comes to particle effects, nvidia keeps a stable framerate while the ati card had a massive frame drop.
  17. Tech Support Guy Commander

    Actually NVIDIA is pretty linux friendly (kepler and newer chips have close if not better than Windows performance unless you are running Ubuntu with Unity).


    Anyway some things to note:
    • Red 5 is partners with AMD, how that will play out in the long run is anyone's guess
    • Firefall is extremely CPU hungry for the first core, there is promise of proper multicore support
    • Firefall seems to have more issues with AMD graphics cards than NVIDIA (based on history)
    • Make sure you get 64 bit windows 7 or you are wasting your RAM
    Then you should consider the games you play, if you like PhysX then NVIDIA is better. If you use applications or games with OpenCL then AMD (and CPU) will be better. Also it would help if you check out benchmarks for the games you play so you have a rough estimate of the kinds of FPS to expect from a card/setup.
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    @AlexRou Partners with AMD , I dont have something against the company , but now seriously , AMD proccessors are bad...all I can say and HEAR form other / my old AMD PC...CPU Hungry for first core , I am sure it can be fixed , I wont have temperature problems because of the cooler , OFC 64-Bit windows , give me a reason to put 32 with such hardware....Well , last thing to say is that I am not an enthusiast gamer as I was before , you see , I focused on studying Java / school last year and time I play ga,,es has decreased dramatically , only game I play is firefall , good storyline , good everything .....
    PhysX = More eye candy(Come on , I wont play SUper High Ultra HD with Ultra High Grapchics CannonBalling around the world.... either do I care if FPS is 30 than 33...)
    I think its called OpenGL or so.I know the AMD- Friendlyness since I mess around with LWJGL ,OpenGL (and Slick2D sometimes)
    But still , Linux have problems with nVidia still...
  19. Atraeus Founder

    Wish people would start differentiating fps drops and latency when using the term "lag".
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    FPS Drop = Hardware problems , Latency = Internet Connection Problems , Lag refers to something that stuck for a little(and is annoying causing violence :))