Assault Firecat Guide for Firefall

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    I put together a guide for the Firecat Assault frame. I'll be putting these together for more of the frames I play in PvP so let me know if there is anything different you would like to see in future guides.
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    As a basic scan and read my suggestion is to add visuals, make it pop a little more, and break up your paragraphs on a few of the classes.

    Against the Recon I'd remember making a B-line on a Recon is a crappy move (but generally a super common mistake) especially when said recon is on a good sniper perch.

    A great tactic in taking out a dreadnaught if you can't avoid a closer range fight especially if the dreadnaught is the aggressive type is to circle around terrain and use your indirect fire to hit the dread while staying out of the line of fire yourself. It's good on other types of classes as a general strategy, but I've found it most effective with dreads because they want to close the distance on you.

    I'd note on the bio that not only is it a bad idea to chase, but if the bio is fully health and reviving a downed teammate using their revive skill. Generally it's pops off too fast to be worth over extending yourself for it as well, and I've seen less experienced players fall victim to it.

    Also using blow through splash damage is generally a good way to kill a downed player and dissuade a revive due to most players being fearful of the splash damage, but should only be attempted when not fully engaged in combat.
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    Nice guide, I might have to try some firecat now.
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    And this is pretty much exactly how, and why, I was going to build my Firecat the way I was. Good write up, I enjoyed reading it and picking up insightful bits of tactics/strategy. +1
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    Hopefully it's not rendered useless if :red5: makes changes to the frame.
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    Haha I'm sure it will be, but when that happens I'll just update it.
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    1 retarded question incoming:
    How do you think this build would behave in PvE?
    It seems really powerful PvP vise,but i'm just wondering how it would perform against mobs.
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    The build holds up just fine in PvE. I do quite a bit of thumping when I'm not PvPing and while the class itself isn't as good as something like a Dreadnaught, I still manage to clear thumpers with ease.
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    Its a nice guide, i tried the FireCat but i decided the TigerClaw isbest for my game style.
    Great work tough.
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    If it's not a bother,could you upload a pic of your skill tree?
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    I'll get it posted tomorrow, I can't see how much experience everything costs since I have the whole tree unlocked so I can't tell what the fastest way to go it.
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    Lots of useful info here, great work.
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    Haven't forgotten to upload the pic yet, just need to find someone with a non-finished firecat frame so I can figure out the best way to go about upgrading it.
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    I updated the guide with a pic of what I actually need to purchase to finish the tree, and how to do it with the least amount of experience. Couldn't get the pic to show up here.
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    Very nice! ill check it out when i hit t2 with my assault.
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    Nice guide.

    What are your opinions on Bombs Away after the last update? Now that it can be aimed, you could probably combine it quite well with your Plasma Cannon similarly to Shockwave in order to deal some burst damage - previously I used to run with Missile Shot, Afterburner, and Shockwave but I could see myself switching out Missile Shot for Bombs Away if it meant having two "nuke" abilities on cooldown. Burn Jets seem fun, but probably too expensive and impractical to be worth the slot.
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    I've been playing with it a bit lately and I'm not sold on it. When I first tried it out I was floored by the potential damage it has. Add to that the fact that you can shoot it at nearly the same time as Shockwave and a Plasma and you have a huge amount of front end damage. I felt it was just a little to unreliable though. If you catch a target on the ground, you will get a lot of hits, but if they move to the air you will only get 1 or 2 hits on average. When factoring all that in I still prefer Missile Shot over the new Bombs Away for PvP. I think it is an oustanding PvE ability though.

    Burn Jets are just that, a really fun ability I'll probably play with when I'm in a silly mood.
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    Rly usefullstuff. looking forward to T2 and ofc whatever comes after that.
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    might wana update ur opinion on bombs away =P it dosnt seem to dmg you or atleast i havnt been able to hurt myself with it at close range does nasty dmg