Assault Firecat vs Tigerclaw

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    I saw what skills the Tigerclaw has on Brontodon's website, but nothing came up for the Firecat. Would anyone care to elaborate as to what the pros and cons of each T2 frame are? I heard Tigerclaw is more PvP focused; is that true? Anyone with either frame care to enlighten us please.
  2. bleIII WMD

    main differences
    tigerclaw can get craftable grenade launchers and use the cannonball skill
    firecat can get craftable burst rifles and use the bombs away skill.
    there are some differences in what versions of craftable skills they can get too, but i'm not logged in at the moment and can't check those. anyways, you can check in-game by clicking assault in your tech tree and then choosing either firecat or tigerclaw.
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    im not sure if it is true yet but i have heard that firecat may be person has said that firecat battle frame would not let them equip any new unlocks after firecat had been chosen...and with me about to choose firecat for my battleframe i would like to know if it is true
  4. bleIII WMD

    i think that might be a bug with ammo, it says you are wearing stuff you can't wear because your ammo is not equipped. i had the same problem with both firecat and mammoth. easily fixable by equipping some ammo.
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    Come on, some one must be able to elaborate as to what else differes between the two.
  6. bleIII WMD

    just noticed, the firecat can't craft smgs. also, you can easily check yourself. just press T in-game and click the assault tab, then click the tech tree of one of the frames. the tigerclaw tech tree is available at too.
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    I pressed T and clicked each of the T2's and nothing came up.
  8. bleIII WMD

    you need to click the assault tab on top first so you go into tech tree selection. the t2s in the t1 tech tree are unlock nodes, not tech tree thumbnails.
  9. NOHATE Founder


    The Firecat is more of a damage dealer: "more bombs, more destruction, more death"
    The TigerClaw depends more on mobility. "greater freedom to move in and out of harm's way"
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    Tigerclaw = hit and run

    Firecat = shoot cupcake
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    Tigerclaw = The discerning recreational glider's battleframe.

    Firecat = dread wannabe suit.

    EDIT Apr 2013 : post v0.6 milestone, Firecat is your glider friend.
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    Each suit has its "defining ability" that tells you what it will bring to the class, usually hidden in the flavor text description for the frame.

    Tigerclaw - Cannonball (Sonic the Hedgehog wannabe spinout while flying in a straight line)
    Firecat - Bombs away (drop a small cluster of bombs beneath youI)

    The Cannonball effect is nice for getting out of (or into) a tight spot really fast, it also lets you recharge your jets while it is active and keeping you airborne, making it fun for open world travel and exploration.
    The drawbacks to it is that it will do no damage if you collide with anything (like a flying mob), and if you touch the ground in anything but the perfect angle, it will immediately end.

    Bombs Away is loads of fun to use while flying over a bunch of monsters on the ground, unleashing fiery death, basically giving you a bonus attack type while jetting around.
    Drawback to this one is very poor damage, even with all four bomblets hitting the same target, it basically does the same damage as if you shot the mobs once with your main gun.
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  13. Groovrider Unbroken

    PvE wise, you need to decide what you want to be with BA (bombs away). All weapon systems are based around target softeners. These exist to take advantage of the splash damage put out by the plasma cannon. Hitting a group of targets beyond small size will likely not kill them in one go. What it will do is turn them into swiss cheese for an engi's turrets or make a large group a one shot mass kill for the plasma cannon.

    While it make be as efficient to shoot them yourself, BA has the advantage of they don't see you coming. Indirect combat is the key. Think of your self as a mini air-strike. Survey the battlefield, look for clusters for mobs converging on each other that are likely already softened up by you or others and deliver a mass killing blow. This works well in conjunction with super efficient crafted jumpjets that will let you hover for stupid time. They should rename this frame Harrier.

    if you really want to use it to it's full potential be prepared to spend time to craft out the stats you like such as damage over weight and recharge. You will likely end up with two heavily crafted abilities instead of three generic ones.
  14. Ionizerjt Commander

    Overall it's not the battleframe that makes the difference but the manufacturer.

    Astrek= damage
    Omnidyne-m= mobility and rate of fire
    Kisuton= accuracy
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    Does the firecat frame offer a multishot plasma canon ? I cannot find it on the skill tree, Am I totally blind ?
  16. SweetestLove Founder

    My Firecat is a good build,the tigerclaw is known for mobility,but remember its up to you,and anyways Burst Rifles are very good now due to the other secondary weapons being nerfed in the new patch.Its all up to you as a player,if you into damage or Mobility
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    When you get the T2 blueprint you get the option to build a scatter or multi shot plasma rifle.
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    Thank you sir !
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    Firecat also has Burnjets, which makes you hover over your enemies and burn them with flamethrowers coming out of your jets, and Tigerclaw Has rocket jump, which gets you swiftly and for free high in the air, where you can use your full jets to hover for a very long time. Also amazing skill for exploration (must have).
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    It would be nice if each frame had a clearer listing of its unique abilities.
    But I'm gussing and hoping that this gets added once the developers come back to the battle frame trees for the T3 additions.