Firefall and its Future

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  1. Karnerion War Machine

    THe future of Firefall is here at where the original lead is working on what Firefall should have been.
  2. any rough ideas on release dates?
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  3. A pretty long ways away most likely
  4. Arsengio Beta Vanguard

  5. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    It still is, and always will be, "Tomorrow" ...
  6. So... Is it officially dead?
    What will happen to all efforts that were put into this game?
    I mean, like, code base, art assets, etc.
    Did somebody bought what is left of the studio?
  7. The game is still online, but on life support. Only one server running, and it's located at the R5 offices. There is no real support for the game, just one R5 employee who is trying to do stuff like frame advancements and unlocking bounties.

    The9 made it perfectly clear last year that they have no interest in selling any of the assets of firefall.
  8. Kimberly Isa Suda Apothecary

    I have seen this with Lego Universe, and hoped never to see it again, but then came Firefall.
    A game that has fundamentally helped and maybe even changed me.
    It saddens me to see it have come to this.

    I just hope that one day a game like Firefall will come along and be succesful,
    and maybe there is still some decency left in R5S and they can release all of Firefall's code, data and assets.

    Oh well, this is it for me. Goodbye and best of luck to everyone.
  9. omg is this a dream i hope Em-8ER's firefalls spirtual succesor really brings back what i got addicted to firefall for.
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