Firefall and its Future

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  1. ScragglyMonk Unbroken

    password does not seem to want to save, so just let steam log me in.

    servers yesterday were up and down like a yo-yo
  2. welp, it was fun.
  3. Gnarl Beta Commando

  4. Well I am glad they didn't just shut it all down.
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  5. interesting....
  6. you know this info is almost 1 year old, right?
  7. ScragglyMonk Unbroken

    article was posted in May 2016, a lot has happened since then

    the password hassle was resolved by downgrading nvidia drivers

    this thread is the discussion about the link :)
  8. Ekstasie Unbroken

  9. Well guys GG it was nice to play with you thanks for the awesome time.
  10. NationsUnited Unbroken

  11. Sad that that FF is left for death... (or isn't?) I had amazing time playing it...
  12. ScragglyMonk Unbroken

    it still plays, so use it now and then as have not found anything to replace it and still have new people joining, often drop to lower levels to help newbs :)
  13. IS this game still going? I dropped in about 6 months to check things out and there werestill some people about. Does RED5 plan on doing anything with this game or are they just letting it freewheel as it is with no plans on fixing what they broke and/or implementing new content? This game had huge potential when I first played it in 2014. Such a shame to see it in its current state :(
  14. Yup... Great world and storyline.
    I remember those emotions when doing Black Water Anomaly quest with friends!
    Lost potential...
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  15. Firerizer Founder

    Lost potential... Yes, indeed.
  16. ScragglyMonk Unbroken

    things do seem to being fixed now and then, but more to do with say lost passwords, got the impression no new content and warcom missions are bugged, but unable to decline from them, you exit the area into warcom mission area for 5 seconds and then dropped back into the game.

    multiplayer instances, say team of 10 or so do seem to work
  17. Sad indeed :(
  18. Though I played a whiles, I hopped off (lack of time to do ALL the gaming I wanted to do). Sad to come back to this.