Firefall and its Future

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  1. Is DoD fixed? If not, then don't say everything. Also, is Bane fixed? Doubtful. Are campaign missions fixed? Surely not. Battle Lab accessible, highly unlikely.
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  2. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    I was referring to the AI in DT. Sorry if you took it the wrong way, or I guess I should have said the AI. I know the other stuff is screwed up.
  3. I personally knew you were referencing JUST the AI activity.
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  4. Do you guys know if the EU servers (server) has been turned back on? I really wanna just play a bit more eventhough, I and the rest of the FF players in the EU were swiftly rejected with something that felt like an instant F*** you from Red5 :/
    Please, anyone know anything?
  5. pcaz_pdc Founder

    The EU servers will never be turned back on; the game is currently running on the old PTS hardware, down in a basement of the last man who doesn't work for :red5: directly, but used to do some coding.

    :red5: 's office were closed, and up for rent the last time I drove past there...too sad to go past there anymore.
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  6. IF the old Amazonas patch would come back that would be realy awesome :(
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  7. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    That my friend would be awesome. They don't have to change anything or add anything to it, just put it back.
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  8. So... most recent news are 11 months old. They could just let the game die with dignity instead of dragging this torture out.
  9. Game won't load after clicking play. Is it finally time to uninstall this? Did they get evicted from the basement, and the last person never turned off the lights or shutdown the server?
  10. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    Nope still up. I play it everyday. Some days a lot of players and some not as many. A lot of stuff doesn't work BUT, it's still fun for what is left. At Least for me. I can't speak for others.
  11. jefaturas Titan Slayer

    i love firefall, waiting developers to play new incoming world.