Firefall and its Future

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  1. Was considering coming back to firefall for a bit - turns out my (very few) red beans have gone, apparently. Is it really bugged/unplayable in many parts now?
  2. Yes, very bugged. All instances are now offline, only open world content available, and there isn't much of that.
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  3. fallout11 Bookworm

    Don't bother, Dawn Sage. Spend your free time elsewhere.
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  4. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    Well he gave me over 10k worth of weapons parts.
  5. I had a giveaway on my friends list and StingRayHunter was the first to answer. So I gave my mk9's to him :D

    Weapon parts went to TheDragonmonkey, Ability parts went to CrissKitty, and battleframe parts went to Swampya (I think, I don't remember).

    I actually thought you stopped playing because I hadn't seen you on there for a while :(
  6. I basically just log the alts and main in for daily login rewards. I do conversion on main. No one to play with, nothing to play, not much point staying on very long. Mammoth is @ 400.
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  7. This game is passed ?

    No players, no activity, no update .. nothing ... ?
  8. Tachifrypan Hero of the Accord

    Awww snap guys!

    We've almost reached the one year mark since the last bit of Firefall news! News on its future ironically enough...
    And we're also about to reach the 10 month mark since a dev last wrote ANYTHING on the forums...
    I miss Firefall...
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  9. Veewatch Engineer Specialist

    It was a good game, now it's just a lesson to future developers (and investors).
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  10. Well, no server connection for more than a week now, so I'm thinking it's finally gone.

    Damn but it was a good ride.
  11. crazyjeremy Founder

    I was in yesterday. "Click retry harder."
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  12. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    I was in on Friday for about 6 hours. Didn't make it yesterday but am about to go in now.
  13. Metellus Marshmallow

    It's a game of chance: sometimes i get in on 1st try, at other times it takes several minutes of retries (my personal record so far is 32 attempts) but in the end i got into the game every time.
    Given, some people might ask if it's worth the effort, but to me even in the sad state it is, it's still more appealing than anything else i tried.
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  14. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

  15. Metellus Marshmallow

    Quoting myself just for an additional remark:
    Someone (I apologize for not remembering the name) mentioned in the Sertao zone chat that when you run into the "retry-problem", exiting the launcher completely and restarting it might resolve the issue or at least speed up the process. While the few times I tried that are not yet statistically evident, every time I tried a restart of the launcher when having that particular problem I got online on 1st try.
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  16. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando

    It was me xD, who said that if the player still have access to the addon called SomeButtons, it can use the reboot command to do it. Also I said too that if you can't enter at 1st try another option is to open console (Alt+F1), type Logout, close the console and try again, it works 90% of the time, at least for me.

    There are more little tricks players can use, like commands to tweak the FireFall.ini file and such. I could write them in a new thread if there were enough demand for it tho, just there is almost no new players due to the bugged tutorial :( sadly.

    @Metellus, how hard is to remember my IGN: Undomitable?? Lol xD, don't make me a sad cat.
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  17. Metellus Marshmallow

    I always suspected the login issues might be lag related somehow and if we could increase the timeout on the client side we still might have to wait a bit but save hitting the retries that often - dunno how easy or complicated that would be.

    Somewhat embarrassing for sure especially considering you're one of the oldest contacts on my friend list - what can I say?
    I'm an old fart barely able to notice if anybody posts anything worthwhile for a change in the zone chat these days and I'm not used to see you online again ;)
    Kudos to you for the advice. *bow*
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  18. The game should be reported on steam to avoid new people coming to waste their time, totally unplayable, staff don't give a s**t.
  19. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando

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