Firefall and its Future

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  1. ScragglyMonk Unbroken

    saved the photos from the photos section, if the game is dead, why are the forums still working ?

    will check out, as well as other games :)
  2. Zhu Jun said: ↑

    Em8er fans are idiots Heinreich.

    Oh hi there fan of EM8ER and past firefall guess you have insulted a lot of firefall fans too.

    I have neither the time or the crayons to explain this to you but here is something i did early

    Previous firefall = Superb
    Post firefall = Meh, wtf, hello?
    Mobile firefall = Competition against pokemon go?, why?
    EM8ER = potentionally Epic

    Who originally made firefall hmm i wonder who me wonders?
    Who started the EM8ER project hmm i wonder who that could be hmmmm hmmm?
    Who will have the last laugh i wonder hmmm?

    Many thanks poop enforcer EM8ERION Knight
  3. Too bad.. looks like a fun game :(
  4. I'd respond with a meaningful answer but you'd be too stupid to comprehend it.

    Now I know you are an em8er troll, We have had many here, so only reply for you.

    (I was one of them too many moons ago but em8er's community is sh*t and full of autists, and hack job "game dev's" that think they are good because they do high school grade work and sell it on patreon, while asset flipping another game to pass off as their own :D ).
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  5. EM8ER is the successor of FIrefall which has sadly passed away and now focusing on competing with pokemon go in the mobile gaming scene.
    This is an interesting choice the planning was so advanced that it took so many years to decide to turn it into a mobile game.
    I hope the wait is worth it to play on your weener screens gj

    I bet your not even asian Zhu :D

    hack jobs & autistic's you claim there are? are you a jealous zhu jun that you got banned from the moon?

    I guess your high school grade work didnt pay off either, is all cool bro you the man go on and play with your weener screen :)

    Many thanks poopman Jack
  6. I hope they keep the forums up. The only thing worse than losing the game is losing this community as well.
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  7. truckstoppers Caught in the Crossfire

    i miss the old before 1.6 version cupcake The9.
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  8. Positivity Unbroken

    This is really sad. Game was really garet but only when it was in beta .. after that it was kinda
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  9. I also played daily for at least a couple of years. Still slightly painful when I uninstalled it from a couple machines. I dud free up 13ish gigs of space however. :)
  10. sschrupp Beta Vanguard

    I will miss the thumping. :(
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  11. I am most definitely surprised the forum still works as the game has officially shut down. Goodbye all it was good for a while. As he hangs head and a tear drops, "i will not forget the fun we had for 3 years " Thank you for that.
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  12. Is there a way to launch the game in offline mode ? Just to wander one last time in new Eden =/
  13. I found out a few minutes ago. I went to the website to report a bug that stopped me from entering the world. I have only been ably to play on weekends, because that is the only I have access to a computer able to run it. I finished building a computer today; it still has trouble using wireless internet, but I only need a minor thing to fix it. One of the biggest reasons I had for making my own computer was so I could play Firefall daily.

    I kind of feel like I am in shock. I knew that the game had a small developer and that any free-to-play game that is actually free has money problems, but I never really thought about the game ending in a serious way. It just seemed like it would always be there. I do not even like MMOs, but this game seemed different somehow. In almost every play session I formed a squad with a complete stranger and had a great time. I have always had social issues and very little friends. I do not think that I have actually seen a friend since I left High School, 2 years ago. But I learned that I can have friends online. This and the Silver League* were really helping me grow. I was learning things that 'everyone' already knows; how to approach strangers and make friends, how to start and end a conversation, how to simply relax and not overanalyze everything in a paranoid frenzy that I might do something wrong. Getting to play everyday would have really changed me.

    *My username over there is Kindoflame if anyone cares.
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  14. Shepard Book War Machine

    A sad day seeing FF go away, or even worse to mobile... *F* For once a shooter I enjoyed when I was able to play and support, and now it's no more... *F*
  15. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    Thank you for the info - It's sad, but not unexpected.
  16. Hi. This is just a test.
  17. Runoke Beta Vanguard

    It's been a fun ride. Hope to see more come of FF. One of my favorite games, at a time. To correct the things that were broken... I feel for the crew that has to pick up that mess.
    Take it easy and enjoy the ride, wherever that may take you next.
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  18. This game was so cool... sad to see it gone.