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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IStalkYou, May 8, 2011.

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    Can someone say me where i can download FireFall? I have registered but i dont know where i can download this game ;(
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    you cant! Firefall isn't even in the public beta phase yet.
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  3. Siantlark Unbroken

    You are however signed up for beta and (May) get a invite to participate. Then you'll get the download thing.
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    Ok thx for the answer's
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    no problem man but do try to search next time. :)
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    Don't you worry if you don't! It's a F2P so you'll get to play it anyways!
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    In a few days/months/years time.....
  8. Juno Commander

    When the release of the actual game is planned for the end of this year, you probably won't have to worry about "years" at this point. A few months isn't so bad if one doesn't make it into beta, really.
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    Since Red5 devs are previously blizzard devs...I hope they dont have the bad habit of extending deadlines.....but then again...I would want to play a finely polished game.
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  10. Juno Commander

    We will see, but I definitely don't think the game is years away when the alpha build is good enough to be what we saw on the live stream Friday.
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    Nah, I was just kidding and exagerating on that.
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    how to download it
  13. Juno Commander

    There is no download yet, you'll have to wait for beta in early summer or the game's release around the end of the year before we can download and play the game.
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    Firefall = to cool for the internets :( After some peaceful negotiations I'm sure the internet will ease up a bit and we'll be pleasantly surprised :D.
  15. MRR

    When we are aware that this game is ready for download
  16. Chali Founder

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  17. Herobrine Beta Vanguard

    Baaaaahahahahahahaa. This pic made me laugh IRL.
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    XD that picture is win
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    But Why!?!?! jajaj Awesome.
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    I love you. No homo.
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