Firefall Live Recap: August 8th, 2014

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    We had a very informative Firefall Live this week. Our guest was Jonathan Sova, a Content Designer here at Red 5 whose claims to fame include Mission 6: Power Grab and the Orbital Comm Tower Invasion event. He talked about what he does and answered some Community questions on a few hot topics before we went through our weekly Do You Even Art Bro and Caption This segments.

    Click here for the text recap

    Click here to watch the replay on Youtube

    A quick note: Today's recap was a little bit rushed because there was a lot of things said on the show and I had a very limited amount of time to work on the recap today (but I still wanted to make sure to get it out there as soon as I could for those of you who missed the show). I highly recommend watching at least the beginning of the show today, as there was a good discussion between Frank and Jon before the News section that wasn't really practical for me to try and copy down in the recap. Thanks everyone!
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    So Jonathan Sova is the man behind Power Grab and OCT, eh? Encore! Those are among my most favorite experiences in Firefall 1.0.
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    Good, now chain Sova to a desk and make him produce more of this excellent content. *cracks whip*

    Alternatively, you know, just look at how those events work and why we like them and get an entire team working on it... whippings optional.
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