Firefall Live Recap: May 23rd, 2014

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Another exciting episode of Firefall Live this week! We reached our goal 500 concurrent viewers and released two more hints towards our June 6th sneak peek! On top of that, the Copa Call in returned with some great questions, Branflakes and JBWill showed off their dance moves, and we gave away another batch of awesome Roccat prizes.

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  2. JustaChoob Mentor

    Love it!

    Loved it!!
  3. [HDP] ObsoleteVodka Beta Vanguard

    So the new area is going to be some kind of desert?
  4. Denis89 Unbroken

    This cave was "Dredge" ?
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    that cave looked like something from Indar, I miss the blasting spandex freaks with my C75Viper Lightning on Indar :(

    I think it is Dredge or the junk yard from TD got moved

    we need some old pics of Dredge to confirm
  6. Brokendemon Arbiter

    We got the second and third hints but what was the first one again? I can't find it anywhere :oops:

  7. Dr. Bacterial Unbroken

    it was an anagram, Entropyrising solved it in minutes, answer is "Whispers in Sertao"
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  8. GanosLal Mentor

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  10. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Hey Ganoslal, it's the same issue we talked about the other week, with redirects between languages not working currently. Currently we only do the FFL Recap in English, so you'd have to set your website language to English to get to it.
  11. GanosLal Mentor

    Sry, im a bit forgetful.
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    Noo it was another give-away stream, if I knew I would have (not) stayed at home(missed out in a awesome bbq and chocolate-fudge dessert)and tried being social thru the stream....

    I blame U JBWill!!!111
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    You monster.