Firefall Live Recap: May 30th, 2014

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    This week on Firefall Live, Brian joined us for another episode of great questions, fantastic art entries, and hilarious captions. We also gave away another round of Roccat gaming gear, along with the last remaining Brontodon plushie. Unfortunately we failed to reach our goal to unlock our next hint. However, we decided you guys have been so great that we would give it to you anyways!

    Click here for the full recap

    Click here to watch the replay on Twitch
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  3. ExtraSoda Mentor

    D:< Well played red5... well played...
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    i think i know where the area is
  5. [RAIN]LightBringer Commander

    If you guys had given Sara that taser you'd have had your 600 viewers.

    *buzzt* Yay! *buzzt* Yay!

    Pez, take one for the team.
  6. Kream Pixel Arcfolder

    Bye bye plushie!
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  7. TacticalCelebrant Mad Scientist

    Swamp Gas! Of course!
    That's why the Chosen wanted Blackwater Swamp! They were thumping for some Gas resources to build and power their jumpjets!
    I'm on to you Red:red5:. (Or should I say RED HUGE!)

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    Pretty good looking yucca and jade trees; my compliments to the artists. Maybe you guys could add "jumping" cholla cactus as an environment hazard?
  9. lord Claincy Ffnord Apex Predator

    I am now imagining dogfighting enemy aircraft in my tigerclaw. That would be awesome.
  10. Nalessa Black Cats

    Let us not forget the beautiful shot of Pez's bum at the end!