Firefall Live Recap: May 9th, 2014

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    Hey gang! Our CMS is being a little moody after the updates we made yesterday, so I'm just going to go ahead and post the FFL recap here. It'll go up on the site once it's cooperating again :)

    Rewatch the episode on Twitch here or on Youtube here!

    Brandon rejoined the team today for another exciting episode of Firefall Live! There was some great news in the form of a ton of promising new hires, we invited players to ask us their questions in an extended Copa Call-In, and we revealed the first hint towards our June 6th sneak peek. We capped off the show by giving out some awesome Roccat gear to four lucky viewers.

    • We’ve had a ton of new hires recently including people who have worked on projects such as Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock Infinite, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and even the movie Pacific Rim! Check out the thread on the forums here for more information on the new faces and help us welcome them to the Tribe!
    • Even with all of those new hires, we’re still hiring for a ton of new positions (including a couple of positions on the Community Team, both in LA and Ireland), so check out our Jobs page if you or a friend is interested!
    • We put out our first Creature Feature yesterday, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already! We’re looking to do another one of these each week, so keep an eye out for more in the future.
    • We posted a Fanfic Challenge for the writers and roleplayers in our midst. We give you guys a small bit of backstory, and let you write what comes next. There’s already been some amazing entries, and we look forward to seeing even more!
    • Our Screenshot Challenge is still live, so please keep submitting your screenshots to us! We’ve already seen a bunch of great entries featured on our social media sites, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon.
    • The weekend of May 30th, we’re going to be hosting an invitational playtest. If you live in Southern California (and/or are willing to get here on your own dime) we’d love to have you come in to the office and test out some of our secret new content! Check out the forum thread here for more information about schedule and how to sign up. In addition, Nakiato put up a forum thread here trying to get some people together to grab some drinks in the area, so check that out if you want to hang out with some of your fellow players (and maybe a few R5ers).
    • This weekend we’re going to be co-hosting an ARES Marathon with clan AOD. It will be tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm PDT. Check out the forum thread here for more info.
    Special Hint
    We reached 250 viewers easily today, and as a result shared the first of our hints towards June 6th’s sneak peek. This first hint took the form of an anagram:


    Entropy-Rising managed to solve the puzzle before the show had even ended (and won himself an ARES pack in the process), figuring out that it unscrambled to "Whispers in Sertao." What does that mean? That's a good question ;)

    Copa Call-In
    Some people aren't very happy with how repetitive the boost weekends are. Do you guys have plans for different kinds of weekend events?
    • Yup! The bonus weekends in their current form are largely a proof of concept, so we can see “do they work” and “are they fun,” and so far we’ve seen that the answer to both of those questions is “yes!” The plan has always been to add more interesting and diversified events to not only the weekends but maybe even the rest of the week too. That’s the responsibility of the Live Team, which includes the Community Team, GhostJaguar, CloudChaser, and several others. We’ve got a bunch of ideas that are already in the works, but we’re working to make sure that they’re as polished as we can get them before we release them to you guys.
    Can we please have Brineworm Goo and Cornea drops fixed?
    • Yes. CloudChaser actually just fixed the issue with the drop rates on these items internally, and will be getting those fixes to the live servers as soon as he can.
    Why are there so many recalibrators? They seem to drop everywhere but are only useful for one skill?
    • It’s to average out the lack of Goo and Corneas! (just kidding). You’re right, that’s something we definitely need to look into.
    All of the frames are so different right now, but you still only get the icon of your basic archetype over your head in game. When will each of the frames get their own icon?
    • That is a very good point. That sounds like a perfect task for Lukasz (our new UI Designer).
    Are you ever going to make more Arcporters?
    • That’s a good question. It’s something that has been discussed internally, but a final decision hasn’t been made yet. It’s definitely not outside the realm of possibilities.
    I love the addition of the perks system. Are you guys going to get more detailed with the perks, such as labelling which weapon types are affected by the different perks and things like that?
    • Yes! Matt (Phobos) actually had a discussion thread on the forums not to long ago about that exact subject. We’re definitely planning on doing a polish pass on the perks system to improve both the depth and the clarity.
    Nostromo disappeared from the game! Where did he go?
    • It’s possible that he got moved, we’ll have to check with the Narrative team. We hadn’t heard anything about that before.
    Are we still going to get the design passes on the rest of the frames now that Xenogenic is gone?
    • Definitely! Ktav has been heavily involved in the combat team for quite some time, and he’ll be taking over the lead on those kinds of things.
    Do You Even Art Bro?
    "Thumper Princess" by Bacterialfox (WINNER)

    "Megaman" by Fooni

    "Fau Fau Pony" by Souperior

    Caption This

    That man is playing Galaga!

    They had to ask… Well I guess now we know how Fadedpez likes his beans.

    Branflakes in the morning leads to gas masks in the afternoon.

    Really do wish they’d stop using poison trail in here.

    Kevin had a wind-breaking experience one day at the set.

    *Bane voice* Now you have my permission to stream

    Carrier ravens! Send the word out, I am now immune to magic.

    Factualorc (Kulo headset), Kamule (Kone Pure mouse), Craseder (Isku keyboard), and Twoshoesff (one of all three of those, PLUS a Sense mousepad) were our four lucky winners this week. We’ve got a bunch more great Roccat gear to give away, so make sure to keep watching throughout May for a chance to win!

    That’s it for this week everyone. We had a great time with this show, and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. See you next week!
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    It would be nice if you could write who won what in the Giveaway and that Entropy-Rising solved the Hint during the show for which he received a small gift from Pez.
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    Wait, what? Xenogenic is gone? I was only listening in a little at work (mainly to get the hint unlocked). But that is news to me. Anyways, can't wait to hear more about what is coming!

    EDIT: Just found that thread ... guess I missed it :p
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    That was by far the best ffl since Tony left the show. Good job guys.
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  8. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    Don't worry we got Your Back ;)
  9. a vehicle Mentor

    I actually prefer YouTube, how long does it take typically for it to get uploaded to YouTube? Just curious.
  10. JBWill Web Content Coordinator


    It depends, the video has to be cut and processed which takes some time. We try to get it up late Friday if we can, but a lot of the time it doesn't get done until Monday.
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    Archporters to me are a great red bean purchase type of item. Movement items are the only things i want to use red beans for i'm dont really care about cosmetic items for my character i just want to be able to move faster around the map and do anything that will help me kick more ass.
  12. a vehicle Mentor

    That long... wow, I thought it was already cut -- you just have upload the recorded livestream. :)

    Also, how come you're never on FFL? Moderating the comments?
  13. Nero Commander

    RIP Soup
  14. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    this should be interesting. You guys know hyping us up is going to end either really good or really badly? :p
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    What are Ares packs anyway?

    Also When did Xenogenic quit/get fired?
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    Xenogenic's last day was may 2nd:

    ARES starter packs:

    Package available for $75 USD, OVER $200 VALUE
    This package includes:
    960 Red Beans ($120 Value)
    Permanent 10% XP Bonus, 5% Squad XP Bonus
    Nab all five Starter Pack cosmetics, including: the Mask, Hat, Eyepiece, Warpaint and ARES Decal. Also get the unique in-game and forum title, "Beta Commano", to show of your allegiance
    Copacabana Arcporter
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    Well, the massive raw recorded file has to be transferred to a hard drive, brought from the stage to the studio, transferred to a computer, then Knife Lady has to trim the video (cutting off the intro and outro videos), go through and fix any audio problems, probably do some other things that I don't know about, and then export it into a file format that can be uploaded to Youtube (and exporting HD video takes forever). That's usually done Friday, but a lot of the time it's not until pretty late when we've all left for the weekend. Then other times we're just all super busy and don't have time to get to it until Monday (unfortunately since the video is already available on Twitch, getting it on Youtube is a lower priority than a lot of other things that need to be done ASAP, even if Twitch's playback does leave something to be desired).

    Yes, also running the giveaways. Also there are far more exciting people to be on the show :p They did catch me lurking in the background in this week's Caption This picture though. Maybe someday I'll hop on and say hi.
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    That much work, wow. I thought you guys just used the recorded twitch stream, but the quality wouldn't be as good. Nothing less than the best for Knife Lady. :)

    I saw. :p

    The picture was a bit dark and grainy, but I managed to rip it from some demons and this is what I got:
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    That was a good one ! So many *drinks* during the show :D