Firefall "Mentor" Program (please name me)

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  1. FadedPez Community Manager

    Hey again, everyone!

    People have been asking me to post about the Mentor program I am working with the team on bringing online, so here's a look at what I'm thinking.

    The Idea of Mentors

    Let's be honest, a lot of new players are getting in the game and need help easing into Firefall. We're working on what we can do from our end to make things more intuitive, but with or without simplifications, I think that "empowering" vets to help out new players learn the ins and outs and little tricks of the game couldn't be a bad thing.

    Cool, What Does A Mentor Do?

    Simple! Be yourself, be helpful! I've noticed a good number of players in game (I don't want to call anyone out in case I miss someone) that are really helpful to new players and deliver answers to their questions politely or offer to run over to help them out. You guys know who you are and you're exactly who I'm looking for!

    How Does It Work?

    We had to go with a basic implementation here. Some of the requests I have for the system would take too much development time away from the game, which isn't feasible to get for the Mentors at this time because we want to pour as much effort as we can into the game leading up to launch (that's a good thing!).

    The basic solution we came to is players can use zone chat to contact or just read what the Mentors are conversing about. We're going to denote who is a mentor with a chat icon ( betterapple.png ), warpaint and title. The idea is that with the chat icon it signifies that their information can be trusted.

    Oooh an Icon, Must I Change My Behavior?

    Not at all! The idea is that we are picking candidates that don't tend to get into tiffs with others and behave rationally in zone chat.

    How Do You Get Selected?

    I want to post a thread to gauge interest in the program, but I'm also probably going to be approaching certain individuals privately based on how I notice them act in-game and on the forums. For now, the Mentors will all be hand-picked by the Community Team.

    If I Am A Mentor, Do I Get Excluded From Other Programs?

    Nope! I'd encourage people that are Mentors to also participate in the Army Relations Program, NCO Program or any other programs that may come up in the future freely. You guys shouldn't be restricted to how much you'd like to help out in Firefall.

    Name The Mentors!

    "Mentors" is what we've been using internally. I personally dislike the name and I'm giving the community the chance to name the Mentors and this program.

    Somewhat "leak": I was working on what I liked for the warpaint the Mentors would get, and got a lot of input from some of the folks that hang out in the unofficial IRC channel. Here's what we came up with. NOTE: This is still pending approval by our Art Lead (I just handed this to him today), and could be adjusted.




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  2. Valawyn [AGS] Founder

    So glad to see this finally posted!

    I'm sure the forums will come up with a good name. If not, you could always just use my idea (since it's the best anyway).

    The warpaint looks great, by the way. Any word on a decal for them?

    (My recommendation: Accord Counsel/Communications Enterprise/Endeavor or "A.C.E." for short)
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  3. Fabricio21RJ Beta Vanguard

    Nice! Looking forward for the success of the program!
  4. a vehicle Mentor

    Looking forward to the program! :)
  5. Timotech Marshmallow

    i like guru more than mentor. guru is way more fun to say. guru guru guru! and i'd be interested in the program too.
  6. Dagron1 Titan Slayer





    Almost every American military movie has a Sargent that the new recruits calls Sarge that is the fount of all knowledge.
    for more universal appeal Everyone knows the Oracle knows the answer to all questions.

    Or to stay in lore you could have

    Accord Wiki Team (Then also put them in charge of keeping the Wiki up to date as well)
  7. Firemoth Commander

    Nostromo's Angels™
  8. Fabricio21RJ Beta Vanguard

    Actually, I like Mentor. Otherwise, something like Praetor, Adviser, Sarge, NPH (New Player Helper), Accord Officer, Instructor, Professor... what Valawyn said.
  9. Nalessa Black Cats


    'Cause you're acting like an Aero but for newbies!
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  10. #10
    I love the idea of a Mentor program - you guys are gonna make me come back out of a "waiting period" early just so I can refresh myself on current mechanics and such, aren't you?
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  11. Kream Pixel Arcfolder

    I like Mentor as well - it's probably the most succinct and easily identifiable word there is for this kind of program. If I see someone titled Mentor in the game, I know instinctively that they are there to lend a hand. I might even go so far as to call it FireFall Mentor just so there is zero confusion.

    Anything that inst quickly identifiable and there is a risk of losing it in explanations or confusion. If one user doesn't recognize the title for what it is, compound that by dozens or hundreds over time.
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  12. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Agreed. I like Mentor most, or Accord Advisor.

    Edit: Changed "Adviser" to "Advisor".
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    if we need to come up with a cooler name for it, we could always expand into a "backronym" (i.e. M.E.N.T.O.R. acronym)

    Also, would it be better if the chat symbol apple was red? It would match red5's red motif (red5, red beans, etc).

    possible acronym:

    Tips with

    (I'm horrible at this; someone will probably find a better one)
  14. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    I like the green apple. Idk why but GREEN APPLE = Mentors in my head.
  15. FadedPez Community Manager


    Cloudchaser originally gave me a red apple, though, my worry is that it would be too close to the :red5: - I wanted it to be a distinct changeup from that so that the Mentors don't get confused with devs.
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  16. Nero Commander

    Like this maybe?

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  17. Fooni Commander

    Mentor title is fine.
    - Guardian
    - Adviser
    - Grand Master
    - Tutor
    - Sage

    These are terms i've seen and used from other MMO's for mentoring newbies.
    You don't have to consider them if you don't want to.
    I'd like to use Grand Master though.
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  18. Segar Ensign


    For the Icon why not something simple, A red M inside a circle. (background color varies)
  19. #19
    I like Accord Adviser.
    Copa Comrades:"We'll show you the ropes and scopes"

    Or for more of a firefall themed icon maybe:
    (Just an example, I know it's not a FireFall tiki mask but Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot)

    I really like the look of this program.
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  20. Gevaudan Commander

    Maybe a kind of military rank? To denote that they are acknowledge by the Accord.

    Like "Intelligence Officer", "Tactical Knowledge Officer" or something like that...
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