Firefall New Creature Feature: Glowbug

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    An ARES team on nighttime patrol came across a strange sight 4 days ago when a mysterious glow drew them to a small clearing. They found the source of the glow to be an unfamiliar substance covering three dead bandits. Between the bandits they found an animal they did not recognize. Further investigation revealed that it was injured and unconscious, but alive. Accord scientists have been studying the animal.

    Click here for their full report
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    so its a hisser that can spit explosive goo
  3. Vidrak Commander

    Does the main website look really ugly for anyone else? Seems to be missing some major formatting.
  4. Bizak Hero of the Accord

    Interesting concept, should play well with dynamic lighting.
  5. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Can you be a little more specific? Everything looks normal to me.
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  6. MajHavok I Am The One Who Knocks

    ...ok, who broke the front page...:rolleyes:

    Somebody called down a Thumper on our servers. We'll be back shortly. Return Home.
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    The website looks like it is facing a problem right now.

    It looks kinda like a cached version, but the images are still there and relocated, along with all the background colors and stuff
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    Wow, the attacks sounds almost like that of the Brinewyrm's attack, but without the ticky nature to it. I'm curious to know if these critters will primarily be nocturnal; and we'll only see them during the nights hour, or in dark caves. There's also the matter of numbers; they look close to the size of Hissers, which may imply they could be later on be found in groups. We very rarely have critters have a mass of critters that, from what I read, may very well have gun precision. Sure, we got the Aranha siegers and stormers, but they arc more and aren't very fast.

    And their shots explode, imagine them in hisser mound numbers.
  9. ExtraSoda Mentor

    ^ This. I've actually been getting this for the past several days when trying to get to the homepage of the website. I've been circumventing it by entering the forums through a link in my favorites. :p
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    If you mean the home page looking blocky/pixelated and like you're viewing an 800X600 screen then yeah.

    I assumed it was supposed to be retro.

    Great work on the creatures! Keep 'em coming.
  11. Devakia Calamity

    Great, the Sieger Aranha was Genetically modified with the Brachydios from Monster Hunter.
  12. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Interesting, I'm not experiencing any problems even after clearing my cache. I'll ping tech ops about it, maybe we have a bad server.
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    I have been having it on the announcements section and stuff of my launcher, if that helps
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    Best thing about these guys is that you can put them on sticks for insta-glow stick/dance rave party. (This is not true...)
  15. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    We had an issue like that with the launcher a day or two ago but that should have been fixed, are you still seeing the same issue?
  16. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    All we need now is glow in the dark trees and plants.
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  17. Vidrak Commander

    It won't let me post a picture. But I basically see a bunch of plain text, all the formatting appears to be gone. I was experiencing this at home as well as my work PC. Maybe there is some issue with chrome or an update I didn't get in the past couple days :p I will see if I can fix it.

    EDIT: Check your PM's for the SS.
  18. Dagron1 Titan Slayer

    Launcher showed all funky during patch the other night reading the patch notes in black and white text not formatting
    Trying to figure out what is up
    I run a VM with IE11 and flash 13 with no java and it loads no issues
    The host machine runs IE9 with flash 13 and Java 7.51 and gets the error 500
  19. *Shaira* Headless

    Ok some one call Soup we need guess that Fau Fau
  20. Dagron1 Titan Slayer

    Ok so while looking at f12 in IE9 it gives me the ability under tools to change my user agent string. When I change it to chrome or mozilla I can then refresh the website and gain access but when I change my user agent string back to default it bombs out on error 500. I am wondering if a security feature is blocking end of lifed browsers from accessing the site mabey....

    Note This only works untill I restart IE then I have to do it again. This only effects me opening the main site ( not the forums from a link in my favorites.

    I am also having issues when trying to edit posts where I can't place the cursor and have to close out of the edit and refresh the page then edit my post to be able to place a cursor and start typing.

    When playing with the Emulator function in IE11 (f12 bottom icon on the left)If I emulate any version of IE 10 or lower it fails to load with error 500. including for windows phone and xbox as both use IE 9 or 10. But Mozilla chrome safari and opera all work no issues thru the emulator.