Firefall New Creature Feature: Gremlin

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Accord scientists revealed information today about an animal they have been studying in captivity for some time. The details of its capture are still classified, but its extremely aggressive behavior prompted the release of this information in the interest of the safety of the public.

    Click here for a full description
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    So it charges and leaves itself potentially vulnerable to ranged attack in the process ?
    Sounds like a good risk/reward, getting close to get the charge and then far enough to avoid the flailing.
    If I understand that correctly.
  3. RainDreamer Black Cats

    For some reason when I read the description,

    I imagine this:

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  4. Fooni Commander

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  5. *Shaira* Headless

    Its frekin big for a gremlin
  6. MajHavok I Am The One Who Knocks

    Just don't feed it after...oh, never mind. ;)
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  7. [HDP] ObsoleteVodka Beta Vanguard

    So, it is a reskinned Reckless Thresher? .-.
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    kind of, not really; while the charge attack seems to be the same, the gremlin has a chance to be disabled after charging; the reckless thresher can keep walking.

    The gremlin also has another close range attack because of its "flailing attempts to regain its footing".
  9. RainDreamer Black Cats

    It also fall down and roll around after a charge. Like a cute little puppy. With spikes.
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  10. Vidrak Commander

    I would like to see some different mechanics than what we already have, but we'll see.

    How about it can pounce into the air and take ARES pilots down to the ground and crush them? A charging reckless thresher with armor that can fall down doesn't sound all that interesting. There needs to be more counters to the ridiculous air time all frames have. This is just going to be more cannon fodder like any other non-ranged creature in the game.

    This is one of the cooler looking creature features though :)
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  11. [HDP] ObsoleteVodka Beta Vanguard

    Reckless Thresher 2.0 huh?

    Anyway, more stuff to shoot at. Keep them coming guys.
  12. Harven90 The Wave

    Any odds that we get giant animals like mammoths?
  13. Vidrak Commander

    Sarcasm? We already have Bronto's and Mammoths in AA.
  14. Harven90 The Wave

    ? I mean, as big as them, not copies of brontos and mammoths with the different colors.
    Like dinosaurs or something different.
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  15. Fabricio21RJ Beta Vanguard

    It seems they have humanoid-like arms and hands. Can we expect it to throw rocks and maybe climb walls and trees?
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    Habitat: [Classified] = Smokestack Desert/Dredge wildlife ???
  17. FadedPez Community Manager


    Spit my water out at this post

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    finally a creature dat can bench press my name is daniel lugo and i believe in fitness
  19. AOD_NewColossus Founder

    Another trophy for my wall. Can't wait!
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  20. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    lol this should be interesting