Firefall New Creature Feature: Timber Slinger

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by JBWill, May 8, 2014.

  1. *Shaira* Headless

    Is it classified as a large small or middle creature?
  2. a vehicle Mentor

    JBWill, it looks like a four-legged pony. Can I ride it? How much does it cost to ride it?
  3. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    You can try, but it may result in you taking a rather abrupt flight.
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  4. a vehicle Mentor

    Confirmed! New rapid transportation system. Thanks! :p
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  5. JustaChoob Mentor

    Is this why my client keeps crashing? something hidden keeps attacking me??????

    What's wrong with fast travel xD and derpships?
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  6. GalacticKid Founder

    Is this creature in game now or is this just a reveal for the future?
  7. #27
    they havn't patched, so it's a reveal (unless they did some of their server magicks again; apparently, they can control the spawn rates via the server so they don't have to patch)
  8. Timotech Marshmallow

    why do they call it a timber slinger if it doesn't sling timber? shouldn't it be called a sac slinger if it slings sacs of resin around? wait, nevermind.. timber slinger is good.
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  9. #29
    Can we shoot its Sac while it is in the air? Like the old Tigerclaw Nova and Electron Shock Blast?

    Does it have a Critical Zone? (headshot)

    Will this creature invade (some of) the existing playable zones, like its parent specie?

    Will there be a Melded version?
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  10. Segar Ensign

    he is, surprised no one else has noticed him there ether. He's better off being behind the glass than in front of.
    I miss playing chase with those SOBs.
  11. GalacticKid Founder

    To clarify, by "this" do you mean a new creature release every week? Or do you mean just something of smaller significance?
  12. Segar Ensign

    This mob will be in DH but NO Where near the laval areas. Remember how the areas are designed in mind. This is going to be something you will probably find in the area behind the the old SIN tower.

    Thinking back a bit: some parts of the area is still green and lush. while one part I bet you is chosen
    infected. So I wouldnt be surprised to see (*#$ mutated just as bad as BWA is.
  13. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    For now, a new creature every week, unless we can dig up something else that we're allowed to talk about :)
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  14. GalacticKid Founder

    Sweet, I was hoping you would say a new creature! I've been dying for some new creatures, but I figured I wouldn't see anything till post release. If the new ones are just as unique and awesome as this one, I'm a happy camper :) Nice work
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  15. #35
    I feel violated.
  16. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Awesome! The creature team has been kicking some serious butt, they've got some cool critters in the pipeline. I'm a pretty big fan of the one for next week personally. Haven't picked any past that yet though :p
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  17. Rilos Pyromaniac

    This looks good, more dodge dodge :p

    Although it just reminds me of this...
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  18. Wyntyr Founder

    Nice! Thanks for the pic!
  19. JRedBear Founder

    Just as long as these things don't attack from LONG range like those melding
    goo chuckers I'll be happy lol
  20. #40
    I think this is actually going to be the case, as it appears these critters are to be filling the role of long range, 'critter' siegers. Otherwise I'm very interested to see how these creatures get implemented.