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    I've started a 4-part series on FireFall basics, sortof as a substitute for the current lack of an ingame tutorial. Feel free to share this along with your beta invites. :p

    Thanks to Amndragon for helping me with the revive section.

    You can also view the video at

    This is the first video, and my first attempt at ingame recording, so there were some technical issues which should hopefully be fixed for future videos. Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback!
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    Some feedback:
    1. You're nervous, so nervous even i got nervous when watching the vid :D Don't be, my friend. Nerves break down when you're not exactly sure what are you going to talk about, and are afraid that you'll forget everything when you'll start recording. Solution: have a plan, my personnal favorits are cards, where you have your topics written on little cards, therefore you can easily navigate through your speach (depends on you). The things you were talking about were quite good, it feels that you've done some research, but, the way you speak... Your voice was shaking extremely at the beggining, and i could hear your nervous fingers pressing the keyboard like if they would be mad. Another great solution - record your voice separatly from the video, that way will know what's going to happen, can easily plan your speach perfectly, the sound will be better and i won't hear your fingers.
    2. A very huge thing that you missed (Atleast in this video) (pardon if i missed it myself), is the ability to go First-Person. That's a very huge thing in firefall, therefore you HAVE to present it in a turorial.
    3. Plan your movements in game. watching you moving around in circles only sharpened the problem i mentionedin the 1. point :p
    Will add more, if i find anything :p
    Don't get me wrong I'm just trying to help out, pardon if it sounds too harsh. Making these kind of vids is hard, therefore one does not simply make it easy.I remmember giving these kind of suggestions to other guys who wanted to make videos too, and it helped! Hope i helped,
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the feedback. I did have a list of things to cover, and I mentioned third-first, I guess a bit briefly. I don't feel like I was too nervous, although I definitely need to work on my speech pattern. You're not the first person to tell me my voice makes me sound nervous. >.< My voice tends to be a bit shakey in general. I'm definitely going to have to work on my movements in game. I have a very twitchy playstyle, and this was me actually thinking about not moving around too much. You're right though, I probably will have to do separate takes for voice and speech in order to remove that problem completely.

    I'm probably going to rerecord this for HD at some point anyway, no offense taken, thanks for the criticism!
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    Good stuff man! Keep it up :D