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  1. RSD

    so I have compiled some of the less spoken or unspoken rules i have seen in chat and of course in the game that really do explain why our community is so awesome. heres a few. feel free to add to the list if i miss some or you feel a new rule is well worth mentioning.

    if you see a group thumping and the thumper is at low health stop and help.

    dont steal kills from players who dont ask for help if at all possible.

    dont bad mouth the game, you will be trolled into oblivion.

    always try to answer new players and old players questions in chat.

    if you can revive someone do, they might be doing something important!

    if you squad up share your packs and loot with your team.

    never leave a player behind. (unless their an ass then go for it)

    always kill chosen ;)

    dont thump on top of another persons area. stealing minerals may resulting in massive trolling and or dual to the death. muwahahahahahaha!!!

    and never bring enemies into town!! kill them accordingly with badassery
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    Ugh, no no no.

    If I see someone flying in plasma cannon blazing they're more likely to mess up what I'm doing than help.
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    "dont bad mouth the game, you will be trolled into oblivion." is semi inaccurate. Any negative feedback saying that's something wrong often results in a bunch of attacks these days.
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    Extra rule:
    "If you see devs playing in PvP, run the other way"
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  5. Ragethreat Founder

    I actually checked this thread hoping the opposite would be listed.

    I'd re-word it to "If a Thumper is low on health or a player is near death, help them out. Otherwise ask first."
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  6. Brezals Beta Commando

    this is a nice contridicton.
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    sure if there is a mountain of bugs around the thumper, then you can help.
    otherwise, hands off from my exp!
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  9. Brezals Beta Commando

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    Edit the post bro
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  11. _Dharak_ Commander

    "If you have a question regarding Firefall, the answer is Soon™"
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  12. anubis4567 Founder

    False. If you take the time to explain what you don't like and why you don't like it, you will get an overall positive response (fanboys will appear, but they won't drown you into oblivion)

    However, making complaints that are rendered obsolete with 3 minutes of browsing the forums, simply complaining about the game without offering any ideas as to what you'd like improved (eg. "There's nothing to do"), will get you trolled.

    Also, if you EVER EVER raise the complaint that the game is buggy, I will personally beat you into the ground with my posts. Report the bugs, don't complain about them.
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  13. TheDragonfiend Commander

    the game is buggy...

    try it i dare u.
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  14. geekken Rookie

    As this is a public forum, let's keep the content and media teen friendly.
  15. TheDragonfiend Commander

    Or atleast PG18
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    I have something like this for the correct form of griefing.

    Join a PVP match with the intent of getting killed constantly so that the team you are assigned to loses.

    Drop a thunderdome over a thumper if bugs are on it so that the thumpers owner is forced to run back to it in order to protect it.

    If somebody is thumping, to include thumping in an exploit location find Juggers to lead back to their location.

    If you have a fast enough frame in use you can always run around the map gathering critters and then lead the massive swarm back to the other persons location. They might appreciate you attempting to "scale up" their difficulty.

    If you are using a location and somebody else wants it always wait 50sec before dropping your next thumper. It teaches them the value of patience.

    Using the Recluse's poison trail to blind other players so they can't see Chosen shooting at them is always a good idea.

    Standing in front of a Dread or Assault when they are trying to kill something or protect their thumper is a nice way of saying hello.

    Dropping thumpers on people who are AFK is always funny.

    Dropping glider pads on people standing near the melding wall or edge of a cliff is a nice way to say have a nice trip, come back when you can't stay as long.

    There is no such thing as stealing a kill as the other person will at least get the assist so unless they have sand in their vagina, everything is fine.

    Dropping glider pads under people who are raging at you in the chat box is just like saying shut your pie hole and play the game.

    If you have some then feel free to share them.
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  17. RogueEntity Commander


    How would you know that?
    Seeing if it's buggy or not would mean you would actually have to play the game first.
  18. TheDragonfiend Commander

    Rogue.... ive been playing since april...

    You know this... Only reason i didnt play with you guys is im 11 hours ahead of you... (Though assuming your on during the morning (so around 7:30 or 9:30 depending on your timezone) im now able to play with you guys... its so exiciting isnt it *Crickets*
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    you are breaking the first rule of fight club
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