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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    With our launch date of July 29th being right around the corner, we wanted to have an event to celebrate this major update. What better way to do that than having a stream event spotlighting some of our long-time community live streamers? From July 16th through the 28th, we will be featuring live streams from the Community of Chaos, 8-Bit Tavern, Squid Boss, IT Paladin, as well as people from Red 5 like Mikachu and Turbain. Each stream is also going to have some giveaways of the new Digital Starter and Digital Deluxe packs!

    Click here for more information
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  2. Youngst*r Unbroken

    If i'm not streaming my self i'll watch
  3. Geonode War Machine

    I do not know anyone from: Chaos, 8-Bit Tavern, Squid Boss, or IT Paladin - They are of no importance to me.
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  4. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Its ok to watch people you dont know too :) actually its a good way to get to know em :)
  5. FadedPez Community Manager

    I'm really excited about our lineup. Our community's streamers may not be famous (yet!) but they've been around and supporting us for a long time and we're happy to share this event with them.
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  6. Geonode War Machine

    that may be true, and i do thank them for supporting firefall, but things tend to change with time and that route is not for me when it comes to streamers.
  7. Lord Xaero Unbroken

    Oh no... FauFau streams all day ... there goes my social life!
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    Thanks for sharing, Geonode!
  9. Nozama Founder

    It's just a better chance for others to win if you don't watch so they'll appreciate it.

    On the other hand, thanks for all that do choose to join us and watch, we'll be announcing some additional ways to win prizes besides just our stream so stay tuned to or watch our stream at the link Faded provided.

    Remember to follow your streamers, it's the only way to win during broadcasts...
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    We are SUPER jazzed about being invited for this. Thanks Red 5 and cannot wait to re-dive into Firefall and check out all the good changes!
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  11. Kuroyukihimeeee Vapor Trail

    Once i watched this guy called Nokzen on youtube.

    Made me go to gym so i dont end up like an arsenal :>
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    I'll personally be sure to check the streams out, for the little that's worth. My fondest wishes in regards to your success guys. It'll be streamers like you that will help spread the word of the game, and hence help it flourish.

    Good luck :)
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    WooHoo! Streaming HYPE!
  14. Geonode War Machine

    its not really a better chance considering the viewers :/ - doesnt change any odds at all.
  15. ITPalg Apex Predator

    Bleh just noticed an event email from Twitch from 2 hours ago highlighting CohhCarnage streaming Firefall, but today's extended downtime has thwarted him muhahaha!

    If only he would actually read and respond to his gmail contact email and unban my accidental mod ban during his H1Z1 stream. I said I would send him a screenshot if he wanted it. All he had to do was reply. It has been at least 3 days now. I simply said in chat during the subject being talked about, ping/latency, about how it could be helped. No links, no bad words, nothing breaking his stated list of rules happened.
  16. ElemeNtje Mad Scientist

    You guys should ask MAN and Melonie Mac again to Stream
  17. ITPalg Apex Predator

    BTW CohhCarnage should be the last person to go to for info on FF.
    He is giving...bad information. He just said PVP is removed from the game.
    I can't correct him due to his mod's fail of permanently banning me for no reason.

    ...someone just corrected him as I was typing this and then he said he was his favorite person or something /sigh

    edit 7/ a mod last night to unban me and now watching him again he is still telling people wrong info: He just told all 1k people in chat that they can dl the game and play with him. I doubt he saw me say that uh no you have to pay for early access if not a beta account.
  18. DeckerBlack Beta Vanguard

    I just realized the stream name is a play on words of Xtreme, or extreme.
  19. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Don't forget that Mikachu and Pez kickoff Firefall X-Stream in just 30 minutes on our Twitch channel at! And make sure to check this thread daily for a list of all X-Stream streams. In addition to this morning's, there are 5 more later today! Whoot!


  20. ITPalg Apex Predator

    FYI I left a message in private thread that Pez probably is too busy to see right now that I will probably not be able to do today's stream so that particular post should be edited.