FIX: SIN sync errors and Terminal Lag

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  1. StatusKuo Founder

    I figured out a pretty quick fix to some of the SIN sync lag. When I had reloaded my UI a hundred times along with swapping between shards, things can get pretty laggy and glitchy when I try to access any terminals or vendors. Deleting the entire local app data file actually served to help a lot, but to me, it seemed like a pretty crazy shotgun approach that to the problem because I lost ALL of my Video, Audio, Keybinds, and Interface settings. I think I found a more delicate approach that clears the cache without losing all of your client settings:

    1. Open the "Run" dialogue either in your Start Menu or by pressing "Windows + R" keys together.
    2. Enter "%localappdata%" and confirm your entry. A window will then appear.
    3. Find the "red 5 studios" folder and open it
    4. Open the "firefall" folder. You should now see a bunch of text files as well as a few folders.
    5. Delete the contents of the "awesomium" folder.
    6. Delete the contents of the "cache" folder.
    7. Restart Firefall. You may have to complete the License Agreement and Hardware Authorization again.
    8. Confirm that your Video, Audio, Keybinds, and Interface settings are PRESERVED! :D
    9. Visit a Garage, Printer or Vendor terminal and enjoy a smoother Firefall experience! XD

    Optional, but encouraged: Let me know how this fix works for you! ^_^

    For those of you who are hesitant to simply delete things, the cache essentially holds certain files locally for quick usage. However, these files can often become corrupted or slow down your programs if they're being rewritten often. I've found that using the User Marketplace a lot along with use of the Crafting interface can cause things to muck up over time. Clearing the data just makes it so that your computer constructs a fresh cache as data is needed. This will make it so that the first time you access some data, it takes a little while longer, but you are definitely not deleting any data that was not expendable to begin with.

    Hugs, kisses, and Crystite! ^_^

    Quit the game
    Go to "%localappdata%/red 5 studios/firefall"
    Delete "cache" and "awesomium"
    Restart Firefall

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    Sadly i noticed now difference what so ever.
  3. LoPhatKao Commander

    even easier - open launcher, click the blue gear icon by the close X, select the 'clear cache' options.. same thing, less screwing with files ;)
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