Forteleza Antigua-A Mysterious Unknown

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    I know that Forteleza Antigua( 2780, -478) isn't really in the game mapping design yet but would It hurt so much just to place a glider pad somewhere near that cliff? It has such a beautiful view of the melding wall, as well as, Sunken Harbor and I would love to dive from that POI.

    And by the way, that molten figure in the melding near Forteleza Antigue( 2805,-573) can be assumed to hold a physique similar to that of some form of cephalopod mollusk...and by the look of that heavily armored turret up top, I am greatly anticipating that Red5 will (hopefully SOON) showcase more bosses similar to Baneclaw, as well as, stationed defensive weaponry that will make us marvel at what Firefall will truly offer veterans and intrigued players of the game.

    Of course, what I'm looking is probably just an idol of some sort, but one can hope for a reason for its existence :)
  2. anubis4567 Founder

    You can craft glider pads, or buy a re-usable one from the cash shop.
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    I understand that, I was referring to one of the glider pads placed in the POIs.
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    speaking of "mysterious unknown's" - there is a facility even further South ;)
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    Was there last night and a simple ares cargo recovery mission was waiting for me . It wasnt even marked on the map with the ares icon either, nice surprise when you explore.
  6. Jash Hero of the Accord

    Yeah, there's a lot of ARES missions that aren't marked since they're outside the radius of the SIN broadcast zones.
  7. Kalamalja Founder

    I find that particular facility rather creepy. Feeling all alone in an abandoned building, far away in solitude. Would've hoped an achievement pop-up on discovery, but nah.