Founding Member Beans / Purchases Reset?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jklatt86, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Hi, all. Not sure if this has already been posted somewhere, but...

    I recently purchased a Founding Member package and I was wondering if my purchases (warpaint, masks, etc) will persist through launch day or if I'll have to purchase them again. One major concern of mine is that if I spend my beans now, that when the game launches I'll lose what I bought. Will our beans be reset?
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    You'll keep the stuff you bought and any red beans you have as well. No reset on character/xp/cash shop items.
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    Splendid! Thank you very much!
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    So to make sure I understand your characters xp gained (including purchase sin tech tree) and anything you bought with red beans will not be lost? However, any mats from thumping, collecting, will be gone. Is that correct?
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    They may be gone, but they're trying not to wipe those either.