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    As I'm sure everyone has noticed, the game is dead. So moving forward, I would like to know what are all the fans of this game genre and the idea looking on in the future? I personally will be moving to Em-8ER as it has the same great drive and idea behind it, and wants to deliver what FireFall unfortunately never did. On top of that the developers of Em-8ER are allowing full credit back from founders pack purchasers and those who joined prior to 2015. What do you guys think?
  2. pHneutral Hero of the Accord

    hey, you, slowpoke, everyone know it, everyone else, who still play in FF, realy love this game.
    but you, as i see, love when Kern and hands from ass Red5 team love YOU

    p.s.: why everytime when some idiot noname create theme like this, i think this noname is Kern? :confused:
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    Yet another thread posted on this subject........

    That's what I think.
  4. M2bandit Centurion

    Ahh another stupid ad.

    If mark has to get people to spam like this I highly doubt his ability to produce.
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  5. DarkByke Founder

    They aren't ads. People need to make their forum accounts active to receive credit in that new game, there's a script that checks your accounts and you need posts.
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    Which may or may not actually end up getting made.
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  7. BunnyHunny Centurion

    And obviously, these people are completely retarded, as they are flooding innocent threads and the forums in general with a few spam posts/threads each.

    (retarded as in being both, "stupid" and "antisocial")

    I had a short timespan of hope for that game (which will probably actually be produced), but if the community is one single, huge tumor already, it will probably not attract a lot of new players.
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    if it gets made, great. if not, oh well.

    i have zero interest in playing another game that could flop horrendously.
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