Assault GA Assault vs Firefall Assault?

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    I'm hoping that sniper rifles aren't the only ones using projectiles as I have grown used to the GA IC and hope that my muscle memory of leading the target is in some way here too but I'm sure the Firefall weapons are more accurate in that way if you don't have to lead. Just wondering if anyone had seen any new weapons for the assault class and if they operate the same way with leading the target for projectile shots. Firefall Weapons and from what I see only a AK47 style or Minigun theres no leading of projectile based style shooting

    vs GA IC Assault weapon pardon the fact that it is a known hacker from GA lmao
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    The Assault signature weapon is the plasma cannon, and yes, it has a travel time, so you might need to lead your target quite a bit if you are very far away.
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    The Assault Rifle and other bullet-type weapons all have projectile travel time (though they seem to be extremely fast.) There are no "hitscan" (instant-hit) weapons, as far as we know. There was a post by a Red 5 team member regarding this just yesterday, actually:
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    ya i get that but maybe I should explain the lead-off distance in GA on the IC is a good amount so I'm just trying to find out if the minigun thing form the PAX is the only one that is a fully automatic weapon for tracking
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    In Firefall there are primary weapons and secondary weapons. A lot of secondary weapons fire bullets that move pretty fast; so far we know of several, including an SMG type weapon, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and others. Here's a video that shows some of the primary and secondary weapons in action:

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    Actually I thought the inferno x in GA is on clicks. The pretty animations are just animations. Your muscle memory has adjusted to your ping times and the lead in required for that not the ballistics aspect of the inferno x. I cant find the thread on it but it was pretty lengthy.

    Bottom line was that the only guns in GA that are ballistics were AOE weapons and sniper rifles. The MCG's, shotgun and Inferno/iminni do detection on click of the trigger. The detection and animation being separate was most apparent when sniping when 1.4 first came out. They introduced a skill that accelerated the bullet travel time by 30%. They forgot to accelerate the animation so the bullet would strike faster than the animation. Made it a pain for season snipers to adjust to.
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    e; discovered the pm feature
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    The IC was hitscan, it's just the lag made it so you had to lead your target depending on your distance from the servers :/
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    Hitscan = onclicks if I am not mistaken.
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    Yep, exactly.
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    You use my video because i'm the only one that can track in that noob filled game, how nice of you :D! HF getting crushed in another game bro.
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    From what I've seen it looks like it has more in common with TF2's Soldier than GA's Assault.
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    I want to see a cinematic of a team of GA classes vs a team of FF classes
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    GA would win because friendship is OP.

    No seriously, Medics heal way faster in GA :p
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    Yes the medic is immensely faster in GA. Firefall has some interesting guns though, and if DPS was closer... the recon in FF seems to have a faster bullet. It would still be a fun video.
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    I won't be aimbot locked in FF WEWT.
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    Why do you care SamBarney? You can't aim anyway.

    I don't think you're going to find FireFall very fun if you can't right click a turret or drop a drone when someone comes to kill you.
  19. dtN

    speaking of slower healing, assault and medic dynamic would be different from GA and more like tf2 medic and soldier.

    i hope eventually there is a frame with a minigun though. love the IC and heavy.
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    i hated the assault in GA it was slowly (but when you had the jetpack it was better) but as recon you could defeat the really easy.
    i think the assault in firefall will be allot beter!