Games Like Firefall? OR even close to it.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Novic, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I was wondering if anyone knew a game close to firefall or even a little compared to how it plays. Doesnt have to be everything firefall has. Just some stuff that resemble firefall and that are out there for the play. Thanks
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    Well if you need a shooter mmo type game bad, you could give Global Agenda a try but to me it feels just like any other mmo.
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    Oh i tried Global Agenda to see if I would like it. It just doesn't have that allure that FireFall has. The look and only can imagine feel, is so fluid for FireFall. When I tried GA it didn't even have that kick that FireFall has just from watching videos.
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    Don't try global agenda, it kinda blows.
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    Yeah, Global Agenda is rather bad. Just can't wait for my beta key in this game, looks better in every way possible.
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    Was real excited about global agenda until about 3 hours after I started it. At which point I realized that I had completed all the quests in the game. Strictly PvP after that.
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    Yeah it really was super depressing after buying that game at full price. Almost more so than Brink.
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    Lol...I did the same thing. Played for a bit, said to myself "This is great, I'll pay the 20 bucks or whatever it was and get Elite Agent status." Then there was nothing left to do. I really hope this game has an enormous area to explore.
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    Lol, i saw 1 video of it and said "Rejection". I won't waste my time waiting for it to finish downloading to play it, and to only come to a disappointment . I completely give up on trying to find a game like firefall... I have beta key, but i want to play more. In before i find medicine that can put me to sleep forcefully for 1 day so i can skip all these day's of life.
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    planetside is going to be the closest thing to firefall, because it has guns... but that is about it.
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    mmmmm forget beta key , when will this game go live so we dont have to look for another game
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    I would say Team Fortress 2 because the classes seems to be pretty similar and Team Fortress 2 is free to play and quite an addicting shooter if you have good players on your side. ^^

    But yeah, I guess Global Agenda is the most similar to it. Gotta love those jetpacks!
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    Firefall is a very unique game. I Can't really compare it to something. :)
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    You could compare to Tribes, no?
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    As others have already stated, Global Agenda is the "closest", in the terms that it is a MMO and a FPS, kinda mashed together.

    Another game you could check out is Tribes: Ascend, which opens up its beta to everyone today, I believe. It's strictly match based, so if you were asking about open world FPS style games, this doesn't fit that category. Rather, Tribes more resembles the gun play of Firefall, with jetpacks and future weaponry, but I haven't played Firefall, so I can't make any direct comparisons.

    There is also Planetside 2, but that game is a ways off.

    Other than those (and even those included), there aren't many that are similar to the genre that Firefall is in. For that, I'm excited!
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    Your best bet is Tribes Acend

    Its open beta now so anyone can play.

    its PvP only but as close as your gonna get.

    Global Agenda is a disaster of a game now and i woudlnt compare it to anything. it isnt what it once was.

    But yeah Tribes for sure. it will be the closest for PvP probably
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    I put 100 hours into Global Agenda last year. I rather enjoyed it, though I did have a few friends playing with me which always helps.

    It's definitely rough around the edges. And if you want good PvE, then forget it. I enjoyed the PvP though.
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    you can try global agenda but at lvl 30 it becomes annoying if you don't get premium account
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    Aye thanks guys :D 1 more day until beta >< -mindblowup-
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    they opened up the tribes beta early yu can get in now