GamesCom 2014 Community Meetup!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FadedPez, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. FadedPez Community Manager

    Hey everyone!

    The :red5: Community Team is planning a Community Meetup Event at this year's GamesCom in Cologne (or rather Köln) with good food, fun and Q&A!

    When: August 16th - 8:00 PM CEST (20:00)

    Where: We'll decided on where we go and what we do based on the expected headacount!

    Meet up point: We'll notify you about the exact meet up point when we have a good idea of the general interest.

    If you want to meet up with us at GamesCom, please reply to this thread or Coldor's thread (link for my German-speaking friends) by August 6th so we have enough time to plan where we are heading.

    We'll keep you posted with updates on all the whens and wheres when we have them.

    See you at GamesCom!

    UPDATE: We are meeting up at Kölner Dom (the big cathedral in cologne central) main entrance at 8 pm (20 o'clock german time) on Saturday, August 16th. We will wait for everyone to show up until 8.15 pm (20.15 o'clock). Make sure to show up until then or else - bad luck :)

    We are going to head out from there to the Rhein-Promenade (alongside the river Rhein) and search together for a restaurant there.

    Google-Maps for meeting point:

    See you in Cologne! - Coldor
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  2. Youngst*r Unbroken

    You gonna come over to I-52 before you fly back?
  3. Nalessa Black Cats

    Why can't gamescom be in belgium for once? :<
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  4. Driller Storm Rider

    Or Croatia? :<
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  5. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    Or the moon!

    edit: oh its cause Germany is world champions :)
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  6. Legend57 Lieutenant

    I'd be interested in coming if I could group up with someone from the airport or sumthin. I'd probably get hopelessly lost or confused otherwise :D
    That is if I manage to get tickets somehow - not sure how that works
  7. ElemeNtje Mad Scientist

    Awesome! I'm in Cologne on that date. I'm with a group of friends tho so I'll ask around if they want to come too. We have another after party (other game) where my friends really want to go to and I don't know on which day that is yet.
  8. GypsyDanger Founder

    Yea, sounds like a good idea :)

    it's always nice to meet the people behind the scenes^^
  9. LoR_NiKoN CoopComrades

    Would like to meet you there but im not going this year :( but have a drink for me :p
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  10. pector Mercenary

    COUNT ME IN :eek:

    For all the non-german speakers who are concerned with orientation... Get in touch with me via PM and we can discuss all necessities!

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  11. GanosLal Mentor

    OMW! Oh, wait - have i planned my visit for 16. or 17. ?! :confused:
  12. Baraun War Smith

    This time i'm so going to be there!
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  13. pector Mercenary

    Anyone selling Saturday tickets <_<
  14. ClupshtOol Beta Vanguard

    does not look very well for saturday... we could meetup before the actuall... meetup... and do some sideseeing or something else until its 20'o.
  15. pector Mercenary

    I'd be down for that. Couldn't find any tickets that didn't seem overly sketchy :D
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  16. ClupshtOol Beta Vanguard

    I´ll give you a shout when I can be sure to be able to come to GC, so we can do some brainstorming and planning :)
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  17. GanosLal Mentor

    I heard there will be free food .... i'll be there :p
  18. Radec_ War Machine

    Last time i went to Germany I almost started world war three :|

    I would gladly go but plane tickets are expensive and i do not speak german
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  19. GanosLal Mentor

    Be careful this time .... war is never good for a land's economic....
  20. ClupshtOol Beta Vanguard

    I´d be interested in how you did that ^^

    I can understand the issue with the tickets, but you´ve got a bunch of germans here, that speak acceptable english and could help you out there ;)