Released Glider Graphical

Discussion in 'Addons' started by Nalin, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Nalin Rookie

    Glider Graphical
    Originally created by Hanachi
    Contributions by DumDoom and nabsltd
    Triage maintained by Nalin


    Original thread:
    Version 10:
    - [nabsltd] More updates to glide angles.
    Version 9:
    - [Nalin] Upgraded to work with Firefall 1.6.
    - [nabsltd] Updated glide angles to be more accurate.

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  2. SILV3R SHADOW Commander

    Thanks for all your work man :)
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    Second that!
  4. nabsltd The Bearer

    More small tweaks to angles.

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  5. Nalin Rookie

    Thank you. Updated the addon with the new angles.
  6. Kyllian Marshmallow

  7. nabsltd The Bearer

    Is it a perma-disappear, or just not working sometimes?

    Because, every add-on that adds a UI for gliding sometimes won't initialize correctly.
  8. Kyllian Marshmallow

    /rui brings it back, but it's damned annoying trying to stabilize my glide without a guide so I can get the /rui in without plummeting to the ground.
    Never had to do that back in 1.3 :\
  9. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    Any chance someone has this, because like the rest I can't download this. If not it's OK.
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    Dragon, I suggest you view this thread. Glider graphical is in the big folder of addons.
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  11. TheDragonMonkey Centurion

    Hey buddy, Thank you.