Gone almost 2 years whats new?

Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by BaelX, Jul 8, 2014.

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    New Eden also has the Free-for-All in SH, as well as the Holmgang Challenge. Other than that, it's all PvE
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    ahh yes i forgot about SH Holmgang.

    still, PvE for the main part. i dont think there is PvP in the new areas of New Eden since nothing like that has been announced.
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    Ah thanks for the heads up will the PvP zone offer anything to actually PvP for?
  4. SillaKnight Founder

    I think high end resources and fun :)
  5. Daergar Field Marshal


    Still lacking details but apart from the area having "rich resources" and whatnot, videos hinted at base capture and some other things. At the very least there will be reasons to be there on top of the fun of pew pew.
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    I love how PvE only players still hate on the PvP that's been gone for almost a year now I believe. most of PvP's issues weren't even that bad. most of them a matchmaker getting poor results and poorly scaled maps... and 1 or 2 near idiotic buffs and nerfs to certain classes. (at one point electron could give him/herself better armor then dread AND deal high amounts of damage. ) but they are still being paranoid of the idea of "forced PvP". no gamce company worth their salt would force a player to do that as its unpleasant for the Pve players and PvP players as well.

    id reconsider coming back if I knew the game would be stable but last I checked people were teleporting more then pyros do in tf2.
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    I would recommend searching up other threads similar to yours of other people coming back and asking this question.
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    Tis the great circlejerk of life...

    The PvE players go into a forbidden territory known as the PvP hangout and learns the lexicon of a new threat to the ecosystem.

    As the two square off in a perpetual display of e-peen, both find themselves immersed in tribal dances of how their skills are not enough for their practices. And as this dance continues, the rest of us must watch their poppycupcake as we enjoy this game.

    Truly, an awe inspiring display of nonsense and the circlejerk of life moves forward...
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    I know I came off as one of those typical PvP only jerks but I believe that a healthy balance of both in games (but kept separated) leads to the best experience possible. and I legitimately am surprised people still think red 5 will force them to do PvP in some manner and months after the PvP was removed people still hate it with a passion.

    that all being said have they done any stability fixes in the past say 4 months? I remember new AMD drivers just chugging not long before I uninstalled most of it.

    I can catch up on any "class balancing" they've done quickly but id like to know under the hood firefall is ready to go live or not.... or if red 5 is just rushing things again.
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    Nah, I'm not picking on your or anything. Just making fun of the situation in general with a reference to National Geographic documentaries. ;)

    Honestly, if you look at my history, this was my first post in years. So I'm waiting for the new upload after hearing about it to try out the game for the first time. It probably wouldn't surprise me that Red5 is rushing though. Not to be that Debbie Downer, but they've had to come back off of some really bad mojo and it may take them a bit to get back on their feet.

    My advice is to come into this with a fresh take, try to analyze it as you play and (hopefully) enjoy the game as you look at the bugs that hinder it. That's what I'm gonna do.
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    Ermagerd, I stopped playing a rather long time ago...and today I loaded the updates and tried it again. Holy cupcake, no matter what equipment I use, I exceed the limits of my battleframe. My biotech's medigun now looks like a bigger version of the standard assault rifle instead of teh awesome gun before.Tbh, looks like ****. I preferred the old, awesome look of the gun...somehow the other version of the biotech still has the awesome gun.

    Not sure if I will give it a try again or just leave it at that. In terms of customization are pretty much no changes. I didn't play for over a year, and until now I can't see any significant changes/improvements. Maybe I'll investigate the changes further...maybe they just aren't as obvious as I have hoped them to be.
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    The entire system and half the game changes completely in three days. I'd say you are right on time, just completely uninformed. Read up and join us for the new and improved ride!
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    I just came back recently asked a few questions on the forums. I started when a friend at work told me about Firefall, and I supported them. I love the concept and I supported them. Something important was left out. i happen to be talking with the same friend today, and I just found out that they had some budget issues and they kicked the founder/ceo out just this past Dec/Jan, however I am not sure the root of the problem was fixed. Hence the link to the early access extra credit link. They did get an extra $23 million but they didn't say what strings were attached to it from what I read.

    That explains the very little development to a "release". My understanding is they cut pvp because they neglected it, and people stopped playing. We can only wait and see after the release which I'm calling beta phase 2. They changed a bunch of stuff, and releasing it without getting player feed back. It's now, what you see is what you get.
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    An entire post filled with bullcupcake and falsehoods, that's almost impressive. Why do you bother?

    Edit: Oh goodness, it's you again. That explains it.
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  15. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    There was a PTS that tested the stuff. Beta Phase 2 was the open beta, I think?
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  16. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    and just a few hours ago, the fans ambushed it
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    Well I am waiting to see what happens, on the same boat as the OP

    One quick question is Phobos still part of the team?
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    Oh so the CEO is still Mark Kern, and Firefall budget was well manage and didn't need an additional $23 millions? And PvP has been evolved our of silly arenas? Oh joy. I guess the internet was wrong.
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    2 years later and the same arguments are still going on.
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