Good bye fire fall?

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Will fire fall be back?

Yes? 2 vote(s) 16.7%
No? 10 vote(s) 83.3%
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    Will it ever come back?
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    Close poll. It's over.
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    Kind of sad, it had promise in the beginning.
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    EM8ER is coming this is the new deal

    waves good byes firefalls you have given us many fun memories but we are now on bus to EM8ER

    BEEP BEEP .... come on the EM8ER BUS we are waiting!

    EM8ER is the successor of firefall if you do not believe see for yourself search on the internets this game
    and you be pleasantly happy to see big robot, big drill, big things

    thanks farewell firefall poop
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    Good bye Firefall, you had so much promise.
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    oh hi hi hi there you are!!,

    might be wondering what is EM8ER it is the SUCCESSOR of firefall


    Look for EM8ER on the internet the development of the game is going smoothly and with an even stronger community
    it looks like the project shall come to life even more so as opposed to firefall

    But your a bit worried or have doubts if you see and talk to the community you will find out a lot about what is happening
    and to also be involved with the shape of how EM8ER will eventually turn out to be so yes hop on the EM8ER BUS the journey
    is a long one but the destination gradually gets closer and closer

    SEE YOU AT EM8ER !!!

    thanks a million poop activist defender of trees
    poopy mc poopseron the 4th
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    Goodbye. :c
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    Hello EM8ER

    you are the new successor of firefall that is sooooo cool

    how can i find out more about you EM8ER?
    You can look on the internet and search EM8ER, there is much info and it is a project that can happen.

    Why no one believe in the project?
    The Dev has been in many big projects and the work speaks for itself. It could be the thought it could end up
    like firefall again. However lessons learned from the past and the community help drive the game so everyone's feedback counts.

    People still talk about firefall why?
    It was a superb game at the time until the corp took over giving the game a new direction driven by the monies and made it amazing turd.

    Mobile firefall vs EM8ER?
    I leave that up to you, i know what i prefer lol
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    now... to play Devil's Advocate, Firefall was also his work...
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    actually it was my the work of their work

    EM8ER we await
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    July 20th 2017 - managed to find a random link into the forums again.