Assault Grappling Hooks!

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    It certianly would be intriguing to implement, but I'm not entirely confident that it would fit in with the jet boots and wings. Maybe for solving enviromental puzzles, but in combat, it has the potential to be near useless. I say stick with the new ideas that Red5 is pushing out, rather than try to imitate another genre.
  2. Ronyn Commander

    jet packs and glider wings aren't exactly new...but ok.
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    How many other games do you know with free to use glider wings?
  4. Ronyn Commander

    I'm not sure I understand the phrase "free to use". But the first shooter that comes to mind is shadowrun.
    I didn't say it was everywhere or over used..i just said it wasn't exactly new.

    Heck, I'm excited about the glider wings. I just don't think we should call something "original" unless its really original.
    There are other aspects of firefall that get the tile of original. :)
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    You more or less used your parachute as a glider in Just Cause 2. So, that means if you want the grappling hook and the ability to glide you already have another option. Personally I found the grappling hook to only be useful for climbing things and wrecking enemy vehicles as they chased you. Other then that the grappling hook wasn't very useful.

    Even the gliding in Just Cause 2 got old and the developers added a thruster pack so that you could propel yourself along a bit faster.
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    grappling hooks would be awesome. I can already see me hanging below one of those transports, guns blazing.
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    please no grappling hook. jetpacks im down with. section 8 and halo did em great in multiplayer pvp fps, so we know its doable, and i love em
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    People seem to be forgetting a very important factor here.

    What if your special abilities use up the same energy as your jetpack what if you want to do some special moves and then get away quickly?

    Energy conversation and using it for maximum benefits would make a grappling hook indispensible for certain situations.
  9. VideoVillain Spitfires

    The only area I'd love to see grappling hooks in this game would be in the PvE when I'm fighting a Titan, or some other massively large creature.

    Other than that, all the other people on the forums, that I more often than not agree with, have already posted reasons against it.
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    I would totally grappling hook some sexy lady friend and show her a good time at the Dredge Hole (TM pending). Wiki wackers and some chicken nachos. True gentleman style.

    You're thinking it too!
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    I would totally love a grappling hook function to get some good ole timey a/s/l going on in my FF. Drag them to the Dredge Hole (TM pending) and get some wiki wackers and chicken nachos going on.

    Ladies, you know you can't denies it.

    Also, how else are we going to round up our cattle?
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    Well I think a Grappling hook is a good idea. It have allways got a lot of uses in games, climbing, escaping, hiding in high places soundless. Like in LP2 you can hold it for a long time sitting and shooting from a wall. You can also use it to grab on to big enemies, my favorite use of it in LP2 is to hitt people with it because it interrupts their actions and you can spamm it, but they will have time to shoot you betwean the hitts so you cant do it for long tough.
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    Well, depending on other elements of the game, a grappling hook could either be completely and utterly useless and a waste of code, or it could be an effective strategic tool.

    A grappling hook, while not totally silent, can be pretty darn quiet, and could be used to climb to an advantageous strategic position.
    -Of course, the usefulness of this could be negated if the Jump Boots are pretty darn quiet themselves.

    Also, as it doesn't have to use energy like Jump Boots do, it could be used as an alternative for getting places you would usually use Jump Boots to get to, but this way you conserve your energy.
    -Of course, if you regen energy at a respectable rate, this could be negated.

    It could also be used to pull objects towards you.
    -Of course, you could also use a magnet and get the same results, provided that the object has magnetic properties.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to see the Grappling Hook as a 'weapon', just a 'utility'. Using one in combat, though it may provide hilarious/strategic results, would just be a freaking mess in my opinion. Grapples everywhere, and more than once people would go to grapple the same target I'd bet.

    Would I like to see it in the game? Dunno.
    Will they probably put it in? Probably not.
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    are we still trolling the grappling hook addicts?
    i'd like to see someone post a furious comment against me before lunch...
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    i agree that the grappling hook as a weapon wouldn't be too good... however in the gameplay movie i saw a big bug, i'm sure that isn't the biggest bug out there, when i do come across a giant one i would love to be able to climb myself onto its back and hold myself there while unloading a couple clips semi-safely into its back... the way i see it jet boots will not hold myself on it's back unless they apply some kind of on/off hooks in those boots... maybe even leave a grenade or two up there to keep him company and jump down (yes this idea was kinda inspired by starship troopers >_> maybe even alot) not to mention climbing onto the back of a giant bug would allow you some temporary relief from the tiny bugs... and if any big ones are long range, wel you can now avoid their attacks even easier!
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    As far as I can tell, alot of people, myself included, don't want to see these things end up as wepons, and I don't think they can compete with jet-boots and gliders without becoming overpowered. Either leave them out or have them so you can hang off stuff or set some kind trip wire with them.
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    I think a grappling hook is a good idea but on a recon as a thing you have to unlock
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    Seems like it could be a good idea.
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    sence it is in the future i think i would be a energy rop with a claw on the end or somthing like that. it would be very cool
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    I dont really think that this game wil need grapling hooks.
    Because =)
    It allready have jetpacks :)