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Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by Lostanos, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Did not see a thread on this when I searched so figured I would start one :D. First let me say I am perfectly fine with not being able to trade ingame, I couldn't care less either way.

    But if there is not going to be a trading system, there really needs to be a group loot system to help squads distribute loot. A simple rolling system like wows would be fine. Just so the squad members can review the drop and see if they want it or not. Right now its far to easy to accidentally loot something a squadmate could have used more.

    You could use the notification system, Press N, it shows the item and stats, then left click to roll and right click to decline. Simple.
  2. Mike The TV Unbroken

    This is open beta, they plan to have a that looting system implemented later.
  3. CluelessNomad Beta Commando

    Doesn't mean we shouldn't post feedback ;) I agree very much with the OP, for reasons explained in other threads (many mention the issue).
  4. Synthesize Titan Slayer

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    Ahh thanks, I did not see any other threads for this. Glad to hear it is being worked on. I checked out the addon, but have not tried it yet. Ill give it a try later tonight and see how it goes.
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    NO PLEASE NO ROLL SYSTEM! :( would be absolutely horrible! Personal loot however would be great! :D
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    Just have it default to round robin, with loot(mostly talking DNA, tech, etc) automatically going to the right person when a squadmate picks it up. Quick, easy, and wouldn't be the first time I've seen it done that way.

    Also that way recons won't be left out on loot, with dreads getting it all. Often on my dread I end up picking up way more than I intend to, just because it's practically dropping on top of me. I try to share, recons, really!
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    Me and my squad distribute loot through notifying others with in-game voice chat.
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    Yeah when played with people I know we have been trying to do the same, but with pugs people just pick up stuff as soon as they see it. I think it would be better to have an ingame system for distro.
  10. huanhund Storm Rider

    why a roll system instead of instanced loot?
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    the lack of direct trade would be a dealbreaker for me.

    instanced loot with the ability to give it directly to another player or to market it on the exchange would be best solution imho
  12. Mark Zima Interloper

    Instanced loot solves distribution problem in the most fair and stress-free way.
    R5 did well with squad crystite and resources, now they should fix items and DNA. (Whether DNA should exist at all is a different matter...)