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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by HeineSnow, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. HeineSnow Marshmallow

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  2. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    As always, Awesome art :)
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  3. neat. It also got me hungry for cheetos.
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  4. HeineSnow Marshmallow

    Meh, me too :)
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  5. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando

    [IMG] It seems it evolved properly :p
  6. HeineSnow Marshmallow

    Properly went through secret human experiment XD
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  7. Necryel Descended Into Hell

    Deep within the hidden bowels of the Battle Lab, Accord scientist have finally brough to fruitition the long awaited ambition of Consul Nostromo. Now the first of a new breed of ARES pilots will make its way onto the battlefield as part of "Operation: Gorilla Warfare!" Right after he finishes having his daily diet of 4,000 crystite infused bananas.
  8. DesoPL Black Cats

    Wukong rhino battleframe? I like it! :D

    I wonder, how might look third advanced recon battleframe, inspired by Sylvanas Windrunner(WoW) and Ashe(LoL)

    That could be nice, use bow instead of guns. :)
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  9. Kiena Founder

    I wonder what a fem-shep in an N7 frame would look like? =^.^=
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  10. DesoPL Black Cats

    This is actually an thing. But dependable on battleframe class.

    If soldier, i would put her on Rhino battleframe.
    If Engineer Electron or Bastion.
    If spy Nighthawk or Raptor.

    Not sure about adept, vanguard and sentinel though.
  11. Vanguard would be the suicidal firecats now. Or the assault class that c0wb0y made before it got deleted.
    Ay least that's how I played the vanguard. In your face and packing a solid punch.
    Adept... perhaps Electron.

    I dunno about sentinel, that class was too boring for me to play too deep in.

    or a Yoruichi Shihōin in a battleframe or sci-fi armor... =)
  12. HeineSnow Marshmallow

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  13. PetraBlaze Mentor

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  14. HeineSnow Marshmallow

    Ops...Okay got that fixed. Thank you!
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