Hello whys game dying

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  1. BunnyHunny Centurion

    And i am still not required to disprove your lies, since you have no proof at all for any of your own claims.
    You have the burden of proof.

    None of what you say is logical.
    As long as you have no proof, everything you say is just claims.

    Probably, there will still be some morons who believe you (it almost seems like you convinced yourself as well).
    Gratulations to that.

    Now go out there and get a life, you clown.
  2. Swizza Holmgang Champion


  3. BunnyHunny Centurion

    How about that:

    Swizza is a child rapist.

    According to your own logic, this is true, unless you can disprove it (unless your logic only applies for claims made by you about others).

    The only way to disprove this, is to prove that you have, in no moment during your entire life, had intercourse with a child.
    Unless you have an alibi for every moment of your life, you can not prove your innocence.

    Now disprove my claim.
    You can not.

    Therefore you are a child rapist.
  4. Swizza Holmgang Champion

    lol, the mind of an asperger is pretty straight forward and so easy.
    You know why i can determine that your an autistic/asperger f*ck. Just because it's noticeable in text alone.
    You can call me a child rapist, but you will need actual irl evidence for that.
    So your claims here have no grounds whatsoever.
  5. BunnyHunny Centurion

    Oh wait... thats the point you retard.

    My claims about you being a child rapist have no grounds.
    Neither do any of your claims about me.

    Gratulations, you really are stupid.
  6. Swizza Holmgang Champion

    For you i dont, but for any normal human being that doesnt have autism or aspergers. I will.

    difference proven:
    You can all determine that by text.

    what you say, you can't unless you have real physical evidence.
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    You people need to study more if you're going to make comments about aspergers, or anything similar.
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    I don't know lel
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    Its had another overhaul?