HERP-A-DERBY SEASON 1! Collectable Cards!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Yukiarashi, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Yukiarashi Mentor

    During the derby break a few of us got together to make these!
    Thanks to Shoogli for providing pictures for these slacker Devs

    All derby participants who responded with their info over vacation was immortalized on the Season 1 Herp-A-Derby Collectable cards!

    Did some different art with the cards for DYEAB. Adding the other derby peeps so all can share in the hilarity

    Firefall Tablet Trading Card - ThaCheez.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - Zhivas.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - CandyLips.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - Master.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - McFini.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - MechaSleeper.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - Pave.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - Shoogli.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - SqueekinOrka.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - Varixai.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - Yukiarashi.png Firefall Tablet Trading Card - FadedPez Red Screen.png
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  2. McFini Skullbane

    Woot! Awesome work Yuki!!! :D

    Also, to the Devs, don't say we didn't try to warn you!!!! :p
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  3. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    These are so cool! Great work Yuki! :)
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  4. Yukiarashi Mentor

    Thx orca. You have one, you know...

    Others were involved in this but don't want the attention for some reason. I bet ya'll can guess who ^>^
  5. Varixai Hero of the Accord

    Fine.. I played a small part as mentor in photoshop-fu.. and I apologize to the world for the devastation I have unleashed.

    The other person is hinted at towards the bottom of each card . .
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  6. #6
    As the derby proprietor, I accept full responsibility for this. A full 1% of the responsibility. I'm glad to take a slight bit of the fall.

    (Awesome work!)
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  7. Oskar581 I Am The One Who Knocks

    I think ThaCheez is part of [SOFA] which may or may not be the tag for the Couch Council
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  8. Yukiarashi Mentor

    Thanks for the info!

    He never gave us his data... so his card will remain incomplete.

    Bad Tony!
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  9. Oskar581 I Am The One Who Knocks

    or BadCheez
  10. FadedPez Community Manager

    Haha, awesome!

    Are you guys still doing a derby this weekend?
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  11. Varixai Hero of the Accord

    Yup, we started what we're considering 'Season 2' last weekend. You can find me on IRC now or most times if you need anything. Or start a convo with TheMaster627, Yukiarashi, and Myself. ;)
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  12. Shoogli Arc Runner

    WOW :eek: SO NICE !!!

    I'm glad I (cough) participated (cough) without knowing what the end result would be ! :p

    This is really neat :D gratz !!!
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  13. sdebeli Sky Conqueror

    Epic win is epic.
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  14. McFini Skullbane

    I had thought about making up random information, but it got vetoed so in the end "unknown" was used.

    Suppose it gives something of an air of mystery to them... :)
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  15. Yukiarashi Mentor

    Told you they were awesome...
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  16. Oskar581 I Am The One Who Knocks

    Can you DIG IT?
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  17. #18
    I am conflicted in my desire to reference Cyrus and my desire to reference Booker T.

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  18. McFini Skullbane

    I'll save you the trouble:


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    Indeed, and you should join us!

    Join us.

    Join us.

    Join us.

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