How can i change channels?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lAlsh, May 9, 2012.

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    Hi everyone! I need an answer on this question, and im looking forward to it.. Yesterday i was playing with my friend, and we couldnt find each other in the first village, but we were in the same place. We could meet only in PvP matches. So how can we meet each other. (We are both in friends list in game and we were in a squad)
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    You're probably better off making this thread in the Beta general discussion.
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    type /joinleader if you are not in the same instance. You have to be in a squad first so type /invite (playername) . They have to type /accept and then /joinleader.
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    thnx for the answer. And excuse me for setting such thread in inappropriate section of the forum).
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    I'm not having a go at you for putting it here so don't start talking like that, I was simply saying you will most likely get a better answer in that section.
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    He seemed calm saying that. No harm done that I can see.
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    You need to be in the same instance
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