How can I sell my junk...?

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    First I'll just say the inventory system in this game is pretty terrible, this is the first inventory I have ever encountered that requires a loading time which is crazy to me.

    Anyway right now my question is what is the quick way to sell off items? I've tried all the standard mmo shortcuts that I could think of. Right click, shift right click, ctrl, alt just all those combos and nothing. So far the only thing I can do that works is drag and drop. This is annoying on its own but coupled with how slow this UI reacts it's like pulling teeth just to sell a few items and I have overflow so it's just killing me.

    This inventory management is just annoying all around though I pray they are stream lining this. Anyway though, if someone can answer my question that would be great I didn't actually come to gripe about the UI. :)
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    There's a trash can at the bottom left, you can drag stuff into it. Depending on the item you might be able to sell it on the Market Place (alt+m). I'm pretty sure you can visit any vendor and use right-click to sell/delete there too. Not sure if you get any cash though, it used to be something like 5CY per item but not sure if that's still working.
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    :red5: have mentioned that they are going to focus heavily on streamlining the UI now that the open beta milestone is hit. Two of the specific areas of improvement mentioned were inventory loading times (should be instant) and faster selections from the calldown menu.
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    you can also press alt-m and put things(some are not allowed)on the market.