How did you found out about firefall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by emodd, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Hi forum.
    I wonder how u guys found out that fire fall existed.
    I saw TB "WFT IS..." about is and decided to look it up.
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    Hello Emodd and welcome to the forum!

    My advice is to check out the stickies in the general chat for all sorts of useful information. Also the Dev tracker is a great way to see what the Devs are saying and maybe pick up some really useful lore as well!
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    Well, I don't remember how exactly i came to Firefall.
    I think i was just randomly clicking though the videos on YT and then it was there :)
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    And welcome to the forums brah , As MoM mentioned , check out the stickies they are very informative =)!
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    Welcome to the forum :)

    I first found out about Firefall at Pax 2010 and Pax 2011 got me re-interested.
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    not completely clear to me but probably a trailer from youtube or a "WTF is..." by totalbiscuit during PAX
  7. SixShot Apex Predator

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    Happen to catch article on my G4 app back last year
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    Was eating some alphabet cereal and it slept out Firefall and a URL.
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    Charlie Chaplin's mother's secondcousin's nude ghost came to me during a particularly deep drunk and told me that there was something I needed to see on YouTube. It was a sign!
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    I was reading IGN articles.
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    PAX 2010, were ready to leave on Sunday, but friend's kid wanted to play "Just Dance," so my other friend and I went across the aisle while they waited their turn, since the Firefall presentation was about to start (they were only shown like once an hour)

    You can guess the rest...

    +++ End of Line +++
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  13. JBWill Community Coordinator

    I found it through StumbleUpon :p
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    A good friend mentioned it to me, linked me to a video, told me it was fully free to play, and i become an instant fanboy
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    For me it was easy, I was following development of Project Offset. One day they said that some brand new studio (RED5) licensed the engine, so I started following their website.. that was, I think, years before we even knew that the game was gonna be called Firefall. Man, it's been a while...

    Though I must say, I just recently started posting and reading these boards but:
    a) the forums are great.
    b) this community is absolutely lovely, I hope the aura of maturity that I feel in the boards will be regarded as the standard within the game as well.
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    same. i check out pc.ign every now and then to see what's going on and saw something about Firefall. Since then it's all history and here I am.
  17. Jirue Mentor

    I was just coming off a long kick of playing classic MMORPG click-to-auto-attack stuff and I was sick of how boring they were... so I searched "Skill Based MMO" in Google which happened to lead me to a post on the forums here about Firefall. Haven't left ever since. :cool:
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    PAX east been hooked ever sence
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    AOTS a couple months back. I don't normally get good info from that show, but they made up for it with this 1.
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