how do I get Pilot Tokens exatly

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    I know you get them by level up your frame but how much must I level it up just to get 1 token, want to unlock the Night Hawk and Bastion
  2. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    If you look in the Battleframe Garage on the left side, on each constraint bar you should see little star icons above some of the constraints. Once you unlock that particular constraint you get 1 pilot token. So you should be able to see how much you need to do for 20 tokens.
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    The advanced frames have the same Pilot token arrangement, so unlocks on your Nighthawk add to your pool of tokens to be used to unlock the Bastion ( or vice versa ).
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    well I unlocked 9 constraints for my assault yet I'm not getting any tokens

    is this a bug or something
  5. Synthesize Titan Slayer

    Are you sure you didn't just upgrade the first 3 mass, power, and cpu constraints? (totalling 9 constraints.)
    If you've upgraded 9 constraints in a single catagory, you should already have earned two tokens.
  6. Morgado WMD

    These are the little star icons CptFancyPants is talking about:


    As pointed out by Synthesize, it matters which constraints were unlocked - only those twelve with little star icons to the upper left of them will give you a pilot token. See also this excellent post by Dragomok that talks about pilot tokens. It uses the old Garage interface look, but everything works pretty much the same way.
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    not like that I unlocked 5 for power and 2 for mass and cpu each
  8. ITPalg Apex Predator

    Simply put, you only get pilot tokens on the last of the color unlocks.
  9. Morgado WMD

    You should have gotten one token for the power 5 unlock (I am assuming all five power unlocks were done on the same frame) - if you didn't get one, you should try submitting a support ticket.
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    Want tokens faster? Unlock the white upgrades on three frames. there's 9 tokens. Unlock the second green on your favorite and you'll have the ten tokens you need to unlock an advanced frame for free. You will DEFINATELY get ten tokens much faster by playing and unlocking three of the five basic accord frames, which unless I missed a critical patchnote, should already be unlocked and playable for you.