How do I just create the empty MAN?

Discussion in 'New User Help & Introductions' started by Marauder Shields, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Right now since the materials are still available, I can create the empty man, but not the dna part to make the full man. In manufacturing, there is no empty man blueprint for me to craft, just the full man. When I click to craft the full man, the image of the empty man is bright meaning, i have the parts to make it but when i click on that picture, it says edit manufacturing and thats it.
  2. Tostie The Flying Dutchman

    I think you can currently only craft the whole M.A.N. and not the empty component itself.
  3. Ghost of 3-5 On The Naughty List

    You can craft empty MAN with the help of MPU Pro mod. It allows to craft separate components (i.e. how it was in pre v0.8patch crafting)