How do you get Organic, Mineral, and Gas?

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    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. How do you get them? I've been doing a lot of mission lately much as kill the strike team, LGV mission, protect the territory from the enemies, estimate bugs, tornado, and Stock Thump. I checked and I have XP a lot but Organic and Mineral are 0 but Gas 23. Anybody know how do I get more of those step by step? Thanks for your time.
  2. Brezals Beta Commando

    Those are the families of resource tree.




    You also have to refine your RAW versions of these, in the molecular printer. for them to be usable.
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    You get the unrefined resource from thumping and completing missions, then you have to refine them at crafting stations (like in Copacabana), then you can use them for crafting, etc.
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    Ok I understand but I did went at the station in Copacabana in the molecular printer. I noticed few of name have green color while the others have white color. Which of those are for refine the material? Thanks for your time.
  5. Squid Boss Herald of Decay

    Everything is raw. Everything needs refined. Color quality effects the quality and effect on item and ability creation.
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    Is there a way to make those name turn green instead of remain white? By purchase the item request from people whom sell stuff? I want make sure. Thanks for your time.
  7. Brezals Beta Commando

    White is just teh quality of the resource.
    The quality of a resource ranges from 1-1000
    White I think is 1-300
    While green is 301-600
    (Numbers may not be accurate)
    You can't directly upgrade a quality white resource to green.

    You can blend lets say 1000 Q 100 resources. with 1000 Q 200 resources of the same resource. to get 2000 Q 150.
  8. HellRik Field Marshal

    Answer = Athena
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    So, that mean I must do a lot of mission much as kill the strike team, LGV mission, protect the territory from the enemies, estimate bugs, tornado, and Stock Thump in order to gain more resources?
  10. Brezals Beta Commando

    Yes, (and ARES missions which you didn't mention)
    Keep in mind that you can use the research tab at the molecular printer, to research bigger thumper.
    Bigger thumper means it is more difficult, but it will dig more resources.
    Personally I can solo personal 1. and maybe personal 2. in some certain occasions.

    However, as a new player, I would recommend that you bring a friend or 2, when attempting bigger thumper, until you find a sweet thumper that you can handle and give a decend amount of resources.
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    Oh ok, I got it now. That's funny because most of the time I do the mission solo since I don't have friends nor team to deal with those mission. I guess I am "Forever Alone" XD. But hey at least I have Aero and Oilspill. =D Thanks for your time.
  12. Ranexi Beta Warrior

    Take a look in the army section of the forums, I'm sure there are plenty of armies (Guilds) that still recruit.
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  13. HellRik Field Marshal

    On the fly ( w/o calculating anything ) you should be able to get ( in the long run ) enough mats worth for crafting anything with doing around 10 missions.

    On the long run because you need specifics to crafts specifics. So just mass it up and you should be fine after a couple hours.
    Add me up and follow me in my ARES adventures :)
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    Ok, thanks. I rather go on solo for now. Maybe someday I might join the guild. Thanks for your time.