How do you get Organic / Mineral / Gas?

Discussion in 'Battleframe Discussion' started by Sylphideon, Jul 4, 2013.

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    The old battleframe level system was frustratingly complex and I never got any of my abilities beyond level 3. The new rollout now features only one tertiary requirement (save for the final tiers) for development beyond level 3, but for all the minerals and XP on my character I still have ZERO Organic / Mineral / Gas resources. I've been playing for the last several days and have not seen any such generic items drop beyond the standard crafting items and the game is not clear on how to obtain these resources at all.

    How exactly do I get these?
  2. Kangarad Mentor

    the standard resurces are divided into these categories as an example xenographs are organic , iron is Metal and Radine is a gas, you gain raw resurces from doing ares missions/ pvp or thumping/racing ,chosen defences , nodes etc.
    you. need to refine them first to use them tho. its under refinery in the printer.
  3. SeniorDiscount Founder

    Push 'M' to pull up your Map and then Tab to get an idea of which resources are in which areas.
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    Cool, thanks guys. :)
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    Hi guys, I am a bit confused about this lol

    You said it needs to be refined...ok... I refined radine and now on left side it says I have 90k xp, 0 organic, 0 mineral and 1560 gas. BUT when I try to upgrade power to level 4 it asks for 250 gas and its not red anymore its white so I guess it acknowledged that I have it. Now I click on upgrade and it says 0/250 GAS... Whats the deal here please?

  6. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    SIN network probably just slow, theres been issues with this and that since Open beta. relog and try again :)
  7. darkbud Herald of Decay

    Where it says 0/250 GAS you click that spot to add gas.
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    Yeah, this took me like two full days to figure out too, underneath that button they REALLY should have a "click here to choose type of gas" or even just a drop-down arrow on the button. From its looks there's no indication that it can be clicked.
  9. Kryyss Storm Rider

    You can also check for guides and help on resources, such as where to find them. We also have a Live Resource Feed which will tell you exactly what quality of resources are on the servers at the time and what their stats are.
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    even though i have thumped in the gas areas, a lot. i still dont get any raw gas types?
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    On a side note, does it help to use rare resources in the process of "skilling up" your frame? Or is it a waste to add purple gas to such a thing.
  12. darkbud Herald of Decay

    I have no idea, but I'm tempted to think that's a waste.
  13. Grape Apex Predator

    Complete waste
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    Wish they would leave the resource requirement to just crafting. After one of the patches the pve drop rate has gotten better at getting resources other then just thumping so that's a plus. Regardless, still having a blast in the stock crap patrolling around. I miss all my cool stuff I made in past betas it was fun and liked that system better.
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    To be honest, all i did for past 2 weeks was ares missions, tornados, incursions, few BWA and i have 200k+ of organic/mineral and about 100k gas. All this and no thumping at all.
  16. Ninjacalypse Master Blaster

    Yeah, where it says mineral/gas/ have to click on that and then select your resources to fulfill the requirement.
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    To make organics/minerals/gas, you must refine it, for example, from raw METHINE to METHINE. Also everything with -ine and the end is gas. The other materials you should see in their description what they are once you refine them. They become pure and now count as one of the 3 categories. You must refine them and the molecular printer under the refine tab, on the bottom of list. You choose what you want to refine, and depending on how much resource you refine, it takes longer. About 1000, for example, takes about 20 minutes. After you collect it, go to the garage and see that one of the 3 categories will have materials.