How do you send an invite to a friend :/

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Braddles28, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Hey team, i just got an invite from red 5, is it correct you have some invites to give to friends afterwards? If so how do you do this :p

    Whoever is so nice enough to help can have one :p

  2. Tamuril Beta Commando

    I don't know, but inb4 sixshot! =D
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  3. SixShot Apex Predator

    If you got from Red 5 i believe you have no invites until they give some.

    Otherwise go here and login to check if you have any, you will see it to the right.
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    Turns out i dont have invites, thanks for the help Sixshot :)
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  5. Tamuril Beta Commando

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    Lol, is sixshot a forum lurker? xD
  7. Tamuril Beta Commando

    Sixshot can't help but to answer questions that are presented before him, I might've linked this thread to him then posted inb4 sixshot (a). But just maybe.
  8. SixShot Apex Predator

    Well if i lurked i would have an small post count, i am active in the forum.

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    Thats not what i meant.. I meant, sigh forget it, thanks for the help
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    Sorry Six, I believe he's using my understanding of the term Lurker and not your own. In our vernacular, Lurker is the Opposite of Troll, a benign entity who, when feeling a new ripple in our forum pond, comes over to investigate, make sure it's just someone dipping in a toe and not drowning, then moving on to the next thing of interest.

    Akin to forum faeries... err <.< something manly... forum guardians, yes. ... but not Moderators. Umm... where was I going with this?

    Oh well, anyway, not someone that just sits in the background reading posts. Which is fine if someone wants to do that, there's no harm in it, they're not trolling, and they're also getting points toward a weighted average at getting a Random Beta invite, so all good there.

    Now that I'm finished with my wholly unimportant and ridiculous post:

    Welcome tot he Beta Braddles, see you in there.

    EDIT: Oh yeah! I got caught up in all ^ that BS that I forgot what I was posting in this thread for. :p Friend Invites are given out periodically, at the discretion of :red5: so they won't always come at the same time as Random Invite waves.

    [IMG] Also forum faerie, err... Guardian.
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  11. SixShot Apex Predator

    Ahahhaha well that explains a lot XD.
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    To bad, my friend got a code today but I haven't received one :( so I gotta wait while he plays.
  13. Tamuril Beta Commando

    That's what the IRC is for! ( ) Connect to #Firefall
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    I don't understand how IRC is going to be of a benefit to me while my friend plays...
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    Because the majority of the people in the IRC are in the beta already, good friends to make :p That's what is being hinted at.

    ~ Roughnecks ~
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    Just don't log into IRC and immediately pop the beta question.
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    LoL I don't hang out there very often anymore, how often does that happen... I'd imagine often lol.

    ~ Roughnecks ~
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    I'm just giving some cautionary advice. It happens less than you'd be worried, but better to keep it that way than have IRC spammed by people joining to ask for beta keys.