How many people have Betá-Keys? (Official response requested)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mokmok8080, Apr 15, 2012.

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    How many people have Betá-Keys? Is it near 100 or more close to 2,000? I would like an Official response.
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    I may not be able to give you an official number but as Faded has corrected me is closer to 40k. It is certainly not 100 or 2000 and I'm positive it is way higher then that. However of those 40k people, people who used their beta keys and are playing the game are probably less then that.
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    I heard that some like 40,000.... but really dont know exactly
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    I do not know. But it is more than 100 i know that :)
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    Thank you for your reply, i understand that i can't have an official number thank you for your number. I thought that it was way lower.
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    I've used this before today, but I think I'm the only one with a true betta key:

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    well they have given out 40,000 but only about 20,000 are in use
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    Red5 has stated that the very first wave of invites was 500 invites and each person got a friend invite. There were also approximately 250 ish people in the Friends and Family alpha who also were given an invite and allowed to play in the beta. Since then there was a few large waves of more then 20k people invited with smaller waves of invites sent out weekly, and recently everyone at PAX East who played the game was invited into the beta as well.
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    I read that there are about 16,000 active beta testers out of the total amount (between 40k and 80k I think it was), and red:red5: send out more depending on how many people are active or not. Can;t remember which thread I saw it on, so no sources sorry.
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    i lawled at that for....... so long.

    subtle trolling, like real trolling, but not trolling XD
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  11. -Synapse- Beta Vanguard

    Of those 80,000+ people, I wonder how many are actually doing what they were invited to do (give quality feedback) rather than just playing exlucively for fun.
  12. FadedPez Community Programs Manager

    We've sent over 40,000 invites.
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    40,000 invites that is more than i was thinking off :)
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    you would never know how many people are giving quality feedback but if they need more of they would ask or just send out more invites
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    Well.... I was totally wrong. Thank you for correcting me.
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    how many are Actively playing ?
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    this is a REAL beta key XD
  19. Trieste Unbroken

    and then i realise i used to breed Betas....and sold em off to the local aquarium/pet stores.
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    with sending out the beta keys do you guys look at location were the keys go? seems like there are very few EU testers. during the daytime here the server has around 20 players at top making it hard to thump or do pvp. atleast thats what i heard and seen the little time i got to see at a friends house
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    I do not know But if it is they should try to give some keys to the EU testers next :)
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