How many pilot token sales have there been?

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    I remember during the Arsenal event, frames were unlockable for less than 10 pilot tokens, did that ever happen again after the event?
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    They had frame events for different frames every other weekend at one point. During frame events, they were free to use for the duration of the weekend, and purchaseable for less RBs. It would need to be permanently unlocked with RBs or 10 pilot tokens otherwise
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    They changed it from Pilot Token AND Red Bean discount to just Red Bean discount a while ago.
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    The sale last summer was the only time the pilot token price of frames was altered.

    I think it was a mistake and hope they don't do it again. Pilot tokens are not a normal currency. They are just a unit for measuring frame progress towards unlocking other frames. They are finite, non-transferable, and have one specific use. In the context of those traits, it doesn't make sense to make that use vary randomly. (disclosure - I unlocked four frames at the reduced price)

    They are not removing pilot tokens. We do not know if they may be changed in the near or distant future to gain new uses or methods of procurement. From the migration post:

    "Anything not in the list or mentioned above should be remaining untouched, including but not limited to cosmetics, Crystite, thumpers, LGVs, gliders, completed MANs, vouchers, Pilot Tokens..."
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    I don't think no one every said they were "removing" pilot tokens, I think its that they will be able to be used in different ways other than just to buy frames?
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    Ahh, good distinction. That is possible, but the only thing we know for sure is that they are not going anywhere.