How to change your in-game server! * LOOK AMAZING *

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was this helpfull

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    ok so your account name is on the right right? ok so nest you put your mouse on the arrow pointing down by you name and then click " preferences " then change your " locale time zone " to whatever you want then when you log in your server will change. Seriously I was like OMG THIS WORKS finally I can play with my friends now. Hope it helped
  2. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

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    no lie saw someone talking about this in-game and I tried it and it really worked we can now switch servers :cool::red5:
  4. Lycrius Commander

    Because join leader is too hard right? also: wat
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    Well some of us don't have any friends and cant use " join leader " so this is just an easier method
  6. NoahDVS Marshmallow

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    you should try new eden defender an addon you can find here at the forums but really nice catch

    edit: damn too late ninjaed by noah
  8. Lycrius Commander

    You did say you can finally play with your friends hence the confusion.

    Should probably try this aswell. Although I do like my low pop servers, More events for meeee.
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  9. Andur Field Marshal

    I just tried setting myself to Pacific Time (I'm in Central European Time). Usually I play on EU-W...

    And I logged into EU-W as usual.

    So, at least for EU accounts, this doesn't seem to work.
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  11. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    I don't care. If they want me to stop using it, they need to drastically lower the amount of players per shard and reduce the amount of vertical progression.
  12. Char Aznable Centurion

    why i am not in the asia server yet ?
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    Actually, all they have to do is change their code, so the add on stops working. It would be trivial to do, and I'm surprised that they haven't, since its disapproved of for all of those ominous reasons. If their servers are that fragile, that will likely be their next step.
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  14. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    I was talking about if they want me to stop using it without forcing me.
  15. 12v Storm Rider

    This is my top "LOL" of the day right now. Good start for the morning.

    I hope this does indeed work. I'm not a fan of addons, as extremely useful as some may be...
  16. bennmonyo09 Calamity

    wait... there is an asian server? O_O
  17. Char Aznable Centurion

    you missed the joke.
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    just use NewEden Defender *sigh*
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  19. Maynerd Mad Scientist

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    Must have been hard not to have been able to play with your friends since 2010.