how to find gas?

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    how get gas? refining raw octane to octane?
  2. Perks Holmgang Champion

    Yup .You can thump it, or run missions/events, or pvp for it. Gas is a family of resources. There's 4 types of gas, radine, methine, nitrine, octine. You only get 'raw' materials from doing these things. So before you can craft with them or progress your frame or sell them they have to be refined. Goes for all resources.
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  3. PrinceDamien Unbroken

    Resources come in 3 Families.


    And in each family there are 3-4 different kinds of resources.
    And to use any resources you find you need to Refine them first.
  4. Brezals Beta Commando

    All resources that ends with "-ine" is gas resources.
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    is there only a chance that you get gas?

    i've refined -ines all day and am still the three gas short to up my suit, that i was missing yesterday ie i got none at all

    what am i doing wrong?
  6. Brezals Beta Commando

    GAS = all those mentioned, 1000 octine + 1000 nitrine = 2000 gas
  7. zerobounds Founder

    1. Go to Map
    2. Press Tab
    3. Find the Gas you want
    4. Go to that general area it was listed in
    5. Use scan hammer
    6. Jumpjet up, follow glowy lines to the root of the resource vein where it is most dense
    7. Keep using Scan Hammer to find the epicenter of the vein
    8. Drop a Thumper, get the minerals
    9. Go to the Molecular Printer
    10. Do Raw Resource Refining I (under the Refine Tab and dont do Crystite Refining)
    11. Wait for it to finish
    12. Claim the finished resources
    You can now use those resources in crafting. Only refined resources can be used in crafting.
  8. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    "how get gas?" is a so common question in Firefall Chat its crazy :D
  9. psi Beta Vanguard

    Don't forget that you can buy the resources that you are short of on the market (alt m). - hunt around and you will probably find some large quantities of low grade gas going cheap.

    And of course you can sell your unwanted resources to raise the cash.
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    Its not working!!!!! I need 250 of any material, gas/organic/... i have ~1000 each and after pressing upgrade it shows that i dont have it... BUG
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    Just eat some refried red beans...
  12. Hacc Commander

    You have to click the icon for "Gas" when you go to buy the upgrade. This allows you to select what you want to use.
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    it just doesn't work.
    i refined methine nitrine radine and octine with my raw resource refining III and it still says 247
    i refined a combined 2000 units, give or take a dozen.
  14. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando


    Yeah, burritos usually do it to me :confused:
  15. anubis4567 Founder

    Can you give us a few screenshots? (print screen button)
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    i've gone to the garage again and i had 6k gas

    it must have been the mother of all lags, with a couple of hours delay -.-
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  17. anubis4567 Founder

    Well glad you got it sorted!