How to install Addons manually (Curse too)

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  1. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

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    Nice that is a handy little vid.

    Thanks for taking the time to put it together and host it up for others to see.

    One little thing is that the new Addon directory is located in the Documents/Firefall/Addons
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  3. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    Oh, didn't know that. This old way works too, for now at least.
  4. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    Thanks for letting me know! I will definitely update the video if that changes.
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    Now you can also extract the contents of the zip file to ...\My Documents\Firefall\Addons\
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    Good vid man! Now I actually confirmed that MainUI issuers all adorns go, thanks!
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    Great simple help vid for those who might not be used to downloading/extracting addons or mods for these kinds of games. Nice work ;)
  8. DarkByke Founder

    How to upload addon to curse website? I can't find any information about that, it's so weird.

    Got it working.
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  9. SmellyJane Cupcake

    if u install manually when there's a new patch out the addon directory gets deleted , maybe it's just me or some glitch , but using melder or maybe curse saves u time and u can update the addons with ease
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    If it's an addon install it to "Documents\Firefall\Addons" instead and it shouldn't get touched after a patch. Mods will still need to go in the firefall directory and firefall updates will delete them.
  11. CookieDuster Commander

    Not only that, the patcher will also be forced to download a much larger package due to the discrepancy found.
    Doing mods manually is extremely fiddly, takes a lot of attention to do right, and is a pain in the ass in general.
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    Thanks so much for this guide.

    Cheers :)
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    Thank you for the video, but it seems a bit cumbersome to have a 4 minute video to say-

    manual install: extract to
    or if using steam,
    If the folder does not exist, go ahead and create it!
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  14. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    That's the thing about guides. It may seem really straight forward to some, but there are a lot of people that wouldn't understand what to do. I remember the first time I got an add-on for WoW. It took me over an hour just to find where to extract the files. Back then I didn't even know I had to "extract" files, so a good while was spent trying to understand what people were talking about.

    My point is that I wish someone made a video like this back then.
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    Why not Zoidberg? Er, I mean, why not both? I don't mean to say don't create a video that's a step by step walkthrough of what to do, but as you might imagine for someone who has been jamming mods into file systems for years (from Quake through Skyrim), it's a bit bewildering that the location to extract files to isn't the first thing that comes up when searching for "Installing mods for x," let alone having to resort to crawl a video for that information because it's nowhere else, not even in the video description where one might expect to find it.
    Unfortunately, my mind works exactly contrary to being walked through things like this. :p I lose interest when things I know, or stuff I feel is pretty irrelevant is rehashed before getting to the information that I actually need.
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    These days I just let Melder handle it. The one-click download links don't work, and the addon update feature won't correctly download stuff, but Melder still installs/uninstalls just fine. I just manually download the .zips into Melder's addon folder.
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    Hi, just looked at your vid., nice thanks :) , but I can't find PeekSeek to download, it says it's not compatible in firefall addons..., any tips to get it ?
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