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    I am SO confused. w-t-f. The garage says I can upgrade my frame with minerals and gas, etc. and I have like a TON of those minerals. Like 50k+ but when I go to upgrade, it says I have 0/whatever it needs and its red. wtf?

    Also the chat is broken. I can't even rant and rave in chat *sigh*

    Also what happened to resource refining 4? AHHHH!!!!!!
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    A) stuff is broken, Red5 are working on it, relax.
    B) Resource Refining IV is locked. go to the printer and research Refining Processes I, II then III to be able to research IV.
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    do u have all required items, ie: mammoth arcnode for mammoth progression 8-10 , or even crystite
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    I have everything according to what I see on my screen.

    You are 110% right about broken. This patch wrecked this game for sure.


    Glad they finally implemented a market though. Even though I cannot even find it.
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    You don't have 0. You just have to click on the "0" to choose which resources you fill the box with :)
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  6. TheHenvar Commander


    alt + m will open market
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  7. Kream Pixel Arcfolder


    Right. It no longer auto-fills from your lowest Q of a single resource since it now needs resources from a family so it shows 0 to start and you have to click into the resource list to manually add from whatever specific stacks of those resources to equal the total amount.
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    Now if only I could get back into the game. I did a nado, it wasnt bugged *thank god*. During the transfer into the nado it kicked me back to the login screen. I logged back in and I was in the nado as it was half way over. Now I'm sitting at the big firefall logo screen waiting 15min so far to get back into the game.
  9. trion Founder


    well thank internet-jesus you can still come in here and rant and rave huh?
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    Soooo how do we get bastion electrons to upgrade our frames now? I see no where to craft them now... :(
  11. Seanathon Commander

    You need to research one of the Base equipment packs as far as I know.

    I researched the Base Mammoth, Base Firecat, and Base Shared Equipment ones and the progression items showed up for every battleframe. So it might be the Base Shared(might be called Base Common) one.
  12. Enlightener Cupcake

    For every Battleframe, you need to research the Base (Accord Frame) Prints. This will unlock those frames' items AND those also of the Frame Tree as well.

    Base Shared equipment still needs to be researched.

    I hope this clears up confusion.
  13. Enlightener Cupcake

    Oops, I forgot to mention that this only unlocks Stage I gear. Each stage afterward will require a Research of every equipment. Mission Items and Thumpers are also included in this as well.
  14. Seanathon Commander

    I think he wants the Battleframe Progression items, such as the Mammoth Arcnodes and Firecat Thermocouples etc, that are needed to progress past the Tech 7 constraints. But I could be wrong.
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    I have everything I need to get the bastion into the red on the upgrade tiers. Except I need bastion diaelectrics. I'm trying to figure out how to get those. I did the bastion base research and now I can make t2 gear. I see no way to get to t3/t4 though.
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    nvm I see how to get to it now. Thanks.
  17. munya Stellar Ponies

    you have to craft the "bastion diaelectrics". some of the materials can be bought from the "Classified Tech Vendors" found on LVL3 major POIs.
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    Wish there was just a way to buy them.
  19. munya Stellar Ponies

    you buy them with AMPs (Accord Merit Points) that you get from completing ARES missions.
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    Where do you go to buy them? I have tons of amps.

    I know you can buy the parts to make them wih amps, but not the completed bastion dislectrics