I'm already over the MGV

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Benier, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Please take my money.

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  2. Mattpoon Hero of the Accord

    Too cool, Thanks for posting.
  3. Harven90 The Wave

    omg so good
  4. Exath Skullbane

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    those actually exist?

  6. Owlkin Arc Runner

    Looks very... Pointy. I'd be a bit concerned about having my big clunky Firecat boots anywhere near those things.
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    Yeah these were from a replay I recorded earlier tonight while we chased one of the devs toward Sunken Harbor.
  8. Segar Ensign

    I'll post one out on teh replay but also if i have the chance a video of it.
  9. MisterSinister Commander


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    But..but..I just got the MGV..it..it still has to be cool..at lease for like 10 mins..V.v
  11. Segar Ensign

    As promised a better view of the chosen LGV (do want):
    FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_27_41_629.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_27_57_583.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_28_05_879.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_28_22_901.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_28_53_696.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_30_33_437.jpg
    NO Seriously,

    DO F---- Want...
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  13. CyricV Apothecary

    Chosen engineers be like, "How can we fit more knives in less space?"
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    Great why couldn't they make the mgv more appealing like adding weapons to it to compete with this
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    Can't wait for the day that we can choose which side of the melding we want to play on.

    Chosen or Accord

    That! That seriously would be the ****.

    Lemme control one of them there Titans...now that would be fun!

  16. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    The handling on them isn't that great. You do feel like a pimp driving it though.
  17. SystemAnonymous Savior of Humanity

    I just want a tricycle...

    (Does that word even exist?)
  18. Bambo Unchained Unbroken

  19. Segar Ensign

    just a silly thought after looking at the uh.. hover engines.

    Just looking at it again a drunken thought came to mind.
    It could double as a Chosen lawnmower. Also would probably be a lean mean
    salad making machine.


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  20. toughY Hero of the Accord

    lol at those textures