I'm already over the MGV

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Benier, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Please take my money.

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  2. Mattpoon Hero of the Accord

    Too cool, Thanks for posting.
  3. Harven90 The Wave

    omg so good
  4. Exath Skullbane

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    those actually exist?

  6. Owlkin Commander

    Looks very... Pointy. I'd be a bit concerned about having my big clunky Firecat boots anywhere near those things.
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    Yeah these were from a replay I recorded earlier tonight while we chased one of the devs toward Sunken Harbor.
  8. Segar Ensign

    I'll post one out on teh replay but also if i have the chance a video of it.
  9. MisterSinister Commander


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    But..but..I just got the MGV..it..it still has to be cool..at lease for like 10 mins..V.v
  11. Segar Ensign

    As promised a better view of the chosen LGV (do want):
    FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_27_41_629.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_27_57_583.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_28_05_879.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_28_22_901.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_28_53_696.jpg FirefallClient_2014_07_11_23_30_33_437.jpg
    NO Seriously,

    DO F---- Want...
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  13. CyricV Apothecary

    Chosen engineers be like, "How can we fit more knives in less space?"
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  14. Kumaneko Black Cats

    Great why couldn't they make the mgv more appealing like adding weapons to it to compete with this
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    Can't wait for the day that we can choose which side of the melding we want to play on.

    Chosen or Accord

    That! That seriously would be the cupcake.

    Lemme control one of them there Titans...now that would be fun!

  16. Nakiato Champion of Mankind

    The handling on them isn't that great. You do feel like a pimp driving it though.
  17. SystemAnonymous Founder

    I just want a tricycle...

    (Does that word even exist?)
  18. Veneras Unbroken

  19. Segar Ensign

    just a silly thought after looking at the uh.. hover engines.

    Just looking at it again a drunken thought came to mind.
    It could double as a Chosen lawnmower. Also would probably be a lean mean
    salad making machine.


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  20. toughY Hero of the Accord

    lol at those textures